How to Get an awesome Girlfriend

Obtaining the girl you are worthy of

In my experience, exactly what guys ultimately want when it comes to dating is a great girlfriend . Certain, some guys enjoy dating various females, having several informal relationship and so forth, but what the majority wants is truly a girl that likes them with regard to who they are , that they can hang out with and also have fun indefinitely as well as who turns them on and makes them wish to be better guys.

So with that said, I feel like there exists a requirement for helping you find that special girl as well as then also keeping her .

Meeting that one special woman

One of the biggest difficulties when it comes to relationship for most guys could be the whole selection procedure. Lots of men have trouble even seeking the girl, and yes it usually depends upon not coming to the correct spot in the right time .

However being at the correct spot in the right time is not necessarily difficult, you simply need to know the way to do it . You need to know the way to put yourself within situations where meeting stunning women is very probable, where both both you and her are peaceful and talking to her common.

Even as we now have these types of three criteria , we can begin to analyze two places usually frequented by guys who would like to meet young ladies.

  1. The club: Chance of meeting women higher. Not that typical to talk to all of them. Definitely not peaceful as most women generally have their guards up.
  2. The bar: Slightly lower chance of conference women. Still not really that common to have conversations with strangers. Still not peaceful.

That just doesn’t cut this, correct?

Allow me to offer you a few better examples rather:

  1. Local cooking classes. Chance of meeting women higher. Very common to have conversations. Usually very down to world and peaceful.
  2. Local gym / fitness classes: Depends upon what course, but quite high chance of conference women. Yoga classes will be filled up with girls and the boxing classes probably won’t. Not so common to talk but not unusual at all possibly. Semi-relaxed.
  3. Coffee house / café: Pretty good chance of conference girls, not typical to have conversations with strangers but definitely more enjoyable than a bar-setting.

The best way to put yourself on the market

And we could just on, but that’s not really the idea. The thing is that if you put yourself out there, doing the stuff that you love to do, your possibility of meeting amazing females suddenly reaches totally new ranges . Women are generally EVERYWHERE, you simply need to be in the right spot in the right time.

And also it’s not about heading places so you can meet females. No, it’s very important that you consider it another method ’round: You go places since you like to after which you meet females.

Put yourself in an atmosphere where you really feel passionate, happy as well as alive and i also can assure you that women will find themselves attracted to you within a whole new method than you are utilized to.

However I cannot inform you the best or what to do, simply because it has to come from a real place inside yourself . If you don’t feel as if you do have a sharable pastime, do some looking around the local classifieds or perhaps do some more soul-searching and discover even more items that you prefer. So when that’s done, you have to do something and actually put yourself on the market .

How to get a great sweetheart

In other words: do the things you adore and do it to people when probable. That is ways to get a great sweetheart.

With regards to associations, it’s really not really about being able to ”communicate in a sexual level”, “being able to flirt”, ”knowing the way to kiss” and so forth – it’s about being good from life .

Even though having good skills with women help, it really is your abilities at life that will ultimately attract that one woman that you desire for, and a lot more not something to be learned on the web or within a guide. Life teaches life , and the only way to get better would be to actually put yourself out there and reside this.

Having impeccable social skills features course essential for your confidence when it comes to the particular approach, however I must admit that I know several men who have far from stellar social abilities who have met gorgeous women simply by coming to the right place at the right time, doing something which they love carrying out .

Living the good life

Everything depends upon living balanced life where you feel peaceful, where you feel comfortable and where one can behave naturally. When that’s looked after, others will instantly really feel more comfortable around you, as well.

With that being said, as being a really good kisser definitely assists every endeavour when it comes to relationship and relationships, however what will make you the very best kisser is not to ”know” every thing there is to find out – it’s rather being very present with the girl as well as having good chemistry . The rest will follow naturally IF you are peaceful and able to let things progress within a comfortable manner.

So that’s it – the one thing that is holding you back again from getting a great girlfriend – is in fact yourself. You have to have to live a fantastic life and you have to be willing and open to include someone inside it. When you can do this, you can not do not be successful .

For those who have without treatment scars from the previous partnership, though, conference someone new will end up being extremely difficult . Females can intuitively feel this stuff, and in case you believe that you are over your ex-girlfriend, you might not become completely down strong. Take a look at my Ex-Girlfriend Means to fix treat the without treatment scars and finally proceed with your life and get what you may are worthy of!

Picture simply by Robby Mueller.

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233 Responses to “How to Get an awesome Girlfriend”

  1. Adam says:

    I want to send something to my ex, and need some help….

    I again want to say how sorry I am for how things ended between us. I also want to let you know that I do realize how lucky I was to have you in my life. Every day that I woke up I felt as though I was the luckiest guy on the face of the earth. I had the most awesome girlfriend that I could dream of, and she loved me very much.

    Every day that you were with me in Myrtle Beach I could hardly sleep at night. I couldnt wait to see you in the morning, to wake you with coffee or tea. I felt like when I was sleeping I was missing out on time to see you. I love you more than I thought was possible before. As you know, I don’t like talking about myself very much but I was finally able to do that with you.

    You did so many good things for me, and it was great to feel so loved every day. I can’t even count the times that you made me laugh. You told me silly jokes, and we just acted like children again around each other- and I miss that so much. I have never liked talking with someone as much as I liked talking with you, I just felt right with you.

    You also made me appreciate my family again. I listened to many stories about your family, and the emotion you showed about your family helped me to love my family again. I cannot thank you enough for this. I know that you don’t like to go hang out with other peoples parents, but you did this for me. You trusted me, and in the end I failed you.

    I know that a million sorries will not make things right, but I wanted to tell you how much you still mean to me. You are such an awesome person, and I was lucky enough to get to really know you. I miss our talks, I miss your voice, and I miss your touch. I want you in my life now, and for a long time to come. I want to see you buy that house with a pool for your Mamo4ka. I want to meet your brother when he comes to the US, or when I go to St Petersburg. I want you to be a part of my mothers, fathers, and brothers lives. I cannot undo the wrongs that I have done- all I can do is to do better in the future. The last couple of months there has been a huge whole in my life, a huge whole in my heart. I want you back in my life, you complete me.

  2. colingrillo says:

    I attend a baptist church in my small town with a sum total of 250-300 members. This year our church is interested in starting an annual women’s conference to be shared with Christian wemon throughtout our community. I was wondering how to the schedules of one day conferences work? What activites lead up to a main speaker, and what are fun things that can be done when guests are arriving.

  3. Pacman says:

    She is the best! I feel very lucky that we are together, and I still grin like an idiot when I see her. Just wanna really get the point across how special she is to me. She’s not materialistic, but I am willing to drop a couple hundred on her for a gift. Sooo, any ideas?
    Wow, some good suggestions. Question about the spa…do you think I should accompany her, or should it be a solo adventure? I like the flowers to the office idea, that would make her feel good…

  4. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    Do women just not care?


  5. thexbox360player says:

    I’m just wondering because my girlfriend I know she really does love me but sometimes she does lil things to make me mad then she blames me for it…like two days ago I was having a bad night and she said when I’m frustrated she gets upset…and she is a good girlfriend we love each other and everything and enjoy being with each other but sometimes she does lil things like text some of her guys friends who just want sex and I don’t understand that…like she knows what I get mad about and what ticks me off but sometimes I’m like I don’t wanna hear about your exs boyfriends or you and your best guy friend went to McDonalds and hung out for a little..I mean I’m your boyfriend and don’t like hearing about other guys but other then that she’s a awesome girlfriend..we been dating for 2 months…I really do love her…but how do you know if your girlfriend really does like or love you? Signs? sayings? Thanks

  6. simply complicated says:

    I am a 20 year old girl, and I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost 6 months now. He’s 22.

    I also have mild-moderate acne, and I have been seeing a doctor for it for a few months now. Things have gotten a little bit better before I was receiving treatment, but I am not 100% clear. This brings me down on a day to day basis. My boyfriend never says anything about my acne. I just can’t get over my insecurities about my acne, and can’t stop thinking that he is going to find someone more better looking than I am. He has told me that I am an awesome girlfriend. I always wake up every morning and think about how I could be enjoying my life 10 times more if I didn’t have this acne issue in the back of my mind. I would feel a lot more worth it. I really like my boyfriend, and I want to be beautiful for him. My acne just brings me down. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  7. Zanto says:

    He’s been this way since we started dating and treats pretty much everyone equally rudely. We tried letting him be- for a few months(actually a year) and have since tried to gradually introduce him to our friends and their kids.

    We have gone to a few things together with our kids, a BBQ, a casual dinner, and my granddaughters birthday party. Every time and with different people I have gotten complaints of how rude he was when introduced or was spoken to.

    In the past I have suggested to her that she and he go to a therapist to open up some communication. She has refused saying “he won’t go.” I have also asked her to get the boys father involved in this. They share custody and his father seems to be a decent dad. His response is its either normal for a 15 YO boy or that its her fault cause of the divorce and therefore her problem. (BTW- the divorce was way before I was around)

    Everytime I see her son I at least say “hello”… to which he never even looks up or acknowledges me. I’m used to that but to be rude to people he doesn’t even know- I think thats wrong and if he isn’t taught otherwise I believe it will follow him into adulthood.

    I care for the boy cause he’s her son, but I’m not the one to discipline him or bust his balls. He would only resent me and go farther down this path.

    Without blaming anyone how can I encourage her to help him?
    Or should I even be involved this much?
    Please what should I/we do?

    Sorry so many words!
    jeez after all that I feel like maybe I’m the one who needs a therapist!

  8. skychi99 says:

    ok so i have a really good guy friend… and i totally fit what he wants for a gf… except he pretty much sees me as “one of the guys”… like when 4 or 5 guys get together to listen to indie rock, play their guitars, and play halo they invite me too… and it’s fun, but they don’t see me as anything more than a friend. i’m 16, i’ve been told i’m pretty, i’m not super thin, but not fat. i always smell good, i wear jeans a lot, and i’m “chill”. gaaah he’s just had so many unsuccesful relationships, and i know we could make it work. he knows i’d be an awesome girlfriend, cuz i’m just like… idk chill and i don’t think that if ur bf has other girls who are friends that it’s a big deal. he just dumped his most current gf, he talks to me about his other potential relationships… and one day he’s like ” i wish a could find a girl who was a b c and d…” and it’s totally me! can i get him to see me as more than friends or should i keep looking? thanks.

  9. Noe R says:

    Hey everyone. So me and my girlfriend have been together for 3 months now (I’m 20, shes 18). She has been the best thing that has happened to me relationship wise. We have only had one rough patch which was because her ex-boyfriend(who she only dated for 2 months) kept bugging her by saying he missed her and he was stupid for breaking up with her. She kept telling him that she is with me and she is really happy and she really likes me. She tells me all the time how much she loves me and how I have also been the best thing thats ever happened to her. But he still continues to bug her by texting her and talking to her. She wants to be friends with him, and nothing more.

    This bugged me because 3 months prior to when I started dating her, I was talking to this girl for 2 months that I really liked, who eventually ditched me for another guy. This did some damage to my trust, and her ex boyfriend bugging her has brought up bad memories. We eventually got over this, and I’m just afraid for this to happen again, even though I’m with a girl I truly love, that I think I can be with for a long time, and that I know won’t ever leave me.

    I have also been dealing with other stressful issues, such as getting enough money to be able to attend the University of Central Florida, and work has been pretty annoying lately. I just don’t understand why I cant get over all this stuff and just be happy and accept the fact that I have an amazing girl that will always be there for me. Another thing is when I’m not with her, I tend to think of the worst, and I feel somewhat depressed. But when I’m with her, I feel like nothing can go wrong.

    Why am I like this and what can I do to fix this?

  10. joevsyou says:

    I wish with all my heart that I were Latin, so that I could live in a Latin country forever and date or marry a latin guy. It’s more than just I wish I were Latin, I feel that I was meant to have been Latin- Spanish, Mexican- and that I was born the wrong ethnic group.

    I’m from Florida and most of my ancestors were white Europeans. I don’t identify with American culture at all. I’ve studied in Spain and Mexico and half my heart is in each of those two countries. I’ve always felt that way about Hispanic culture. It’s not a Hispanic country I realize, but I also think Ireland is awesome and occassionally I wished I could have been Irish.

    I don’t think I’m ever gonna be happy. I would like to have a boyfriend, but I’m not attracted to white, American guys. I’m not racist, and I despise prejudice. I’m just not interested in “my own kind.”

    I’m a very loving person and would be an awesome girlfriend, and I think Mexican and Spanish guys are amazing, but I feel that my chances with them are pretty slim.

    As a teenager, I never felt interested in the blue eyed, blond guys at my school. I questioned my sexual orientation. Then I realized I liked Latin men. It totally makes sense… all my life I’ve identified with Latin culture and wanted to be part of the Latin world. Of course I eventually fell in love with a Mexican guy. Of course, every time he got a girlfriend, it was always another Mexican girl.

    I don’t think an American woman would ever be looked upon as desirable.

    I hope that my fellow US-ians will forgive me for saying this, but I feel undesirable. I feel that American white women are looked upon as undesirable. I’m not interested in American guys but it seems that even American white guys prefer Latin women.

    People say it’s the natural thing for Latin guys to want a girl who shares their culture.

    I feel like I’m Latin at heart… I don’t wanna be lonely but I don’t want a guy I dont love either.

    Am I just meant to be single forever?

    Everyone says I’ll eventually fall in love with the right American guy but I know in my heart that I don’t identify with American culture and I’m only attracted to Latinos.

  11. The Dark Knight says:

    i need some ideas on a christian women’s conference. about 250 women

  12. Cpt Excelsior says:

    I need this answer ASAP. Please any help is appreciated.

  13. Alex says:

    How many people are at the conference?

  14. Michael K says:

    My boyfriend of 8 years always shuts me out of whats going on in his life. I always talk to him about it and he claims he doesn’t know why he does it. He says he also does it to his friends and he doesn’t know why. I haven’t seen him since Jan 8th of this year and it’s the 29th now. His father is a well known celebrity who passed away about a week after I last saw him. My boyfriend is in college and has been going to school and everything these past few weeks and still hasn’t made an effort to or even mentioned it when he text me. If I ask him to get on Skype he claims he’s having trouble holding himself together because of his father’s passing. If i mention coming to see him, he just stops texting back like he did a few minutes ago. Then when I get fed up and im ready to dump him he starts doing things the right way for about a week or so, then goes right back to the bull. He’s always saying what a good woman I am and how he doesn’t want to lose me. I feel like I already know I’m a awesome girlfriend and I deserve an awesome boyfriend. I’m really at the end of my rope and ready to break up with him and not turn back like i usually do. I know he’s going to hate himself if I leave him because in this day girls like me are rare. But I feel like he’s testing me and he doesn’t know how far at the end of the rope I am. I don’t want to add to his pain but I’m tired of being alone all the time. Most of my friends I don’t talk to anymore because they were guys and he didn’t like it. I’ve given up so much for him and when he’s not around im bored and im alone and I don’t think its fair. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t want me, but he doesn’t want anyone else to have me either. How would you handle this? Am I being too hard on him right now?

  15. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    My girlfriend has been getting laser hair removal for the past year and will continue to do so for the next year or so. What are the risks of starting birth control pills while receiving laser hair removal?

  16. Moore, Ron says:

    I have been dating this girl for almost 2 years…im 20 and shes 18 and she was an awesome girlfriend for the honeymoon months but then shes changed she will not open up to me for anything…she wants me to open up to her but when I do I get her mad and she tells me im complaining and tells me to stop…everything has to be her way now a days she controls the way I drive…she gets mad when I go to the bathroom and says I go to much and need to hold it bc it makes her look stupid waiting for me…I love the girl to death she gave me her virginity and I hold that very close to me and lately even sex is boring its always what she wants to do and it ALWAYS involves me doing all the work and she never wants foreplay anymore…and I don’t know if its just me but se seems to go to the bathroom right before we do it I don’t know though…when I tell her were falling apart or maybe we should break up she gets mad and tells me to do what I want…she doesnt even try to stop me, as far as I know im her first love…and she still will just let me go…she gets mad at me when I cant think of somthing to do and when I cant continue a conversation after already talking for 3 hours…our phone talks usually end in an arguement…a dn I dont want to end this relationship but I just dont know what to do anymore…I’ve tried so many things and finalluy I quit being nice about it and told her truly how she makes me feel and I didnt sugar coat it a bit…shes become a bitcy girlfriend and we arent even married…the thought of her being owoth another guy hurts a lot..I cant control her life but still…I just dont know how to save it, right now we arent talking bc I told her I need time to think after once again she got mad…maybe it is all my fault I don’t know. I don’t know how I am trying to save a relationship but still get made out to be the bad guy…anyways..thanks for reading and advice would be great,,,but it prolli confuses you to
    thanks for any help
    ive tried working through this so many times and she fails to undersand where im coming from…i still become the bad guy when in fact if done nothing bad

  17. Heath says:

    i have a totally awesome girlfriend, and i cheated on her. i met her online and we now live together. she gave up everything for me her family and friends and moved to where i live from another state. when i cheated on her it was with an ex that i was with for 8 yr and before i met her in person she found out about it and tonight we got into a hugh fight {no hiting} just yelling she told me she didnt love me anymore, dont know if there is any way i can save this i do love her the more time i spend with her the more and more i love her. she has shown me so much since she has been her with me. and the thought of losing her is killing me inside what do i do? someone plz help me plz

  18. John says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year… A lot of the time we are super happy, but it can change in an instant. I always seem to turn little arguments into huge ordeals, I find myself freaking out for really stupid reasons, and we end up fighting a lot because of me. I can go from being happy, to pissed off beyond belief by just the littlest thing. We’ve talked about this problem, and he knows that I think I have a problem. He is so forgiving… all the time. I don’t know what to. I feel like a terrible girlfriend, always doing this to him. The thing is though, I feel like I can’t control this anger. Does it sound like I might be bipolar? I know a lot of people shudder at the idea of being bipolar, and deny that it could be a possibility, but I’m open to it. I want to fix this. I want to be a loving, caring, awesome girlfriend. My boyfriend doesn’t deserve to be treated the way that I’m treating him. I love him with all of my heart.

    So, what do you guys think? Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated.

  19. Mark says:

    I have to use fake names

    Jon asked me out and I rejected him sweetly because I didn’t like him. He took it the wrong way and got all mad at me. So he got his friend Dave {who I do like} to get me back some how. They made this plan. Dave asked me out and since I do like him I of course said yes. But I knew something was up from that point on. After that he said he had to hold off going out with me because he didn’t want to be mean to Jon by going out with me right after I rejected him. After that he never replied to any of my messages or even talked me. I knew they had some sort of plan going here. And it had been about 3 days since we last spoke.

    Luckily my friend Paige went to the pool today and I didn’t go. She overheard Jon and Dave talking about if their plan worked or not. She forced it out of them and they told her the whole thing. They told her not to tell me but being the awesome girlfriend that she is….she did tell me. So now me and some of my other buds are planning a way to get them back.

    Now by this story you are probably saying not such a big deal right? WRONG. What I didn’t tell you is that Dave called me a Stupid Ugly H@3 and some other REALLY bad things I can’t say on here. And I am sure they had worse stuff planned.

    PLEASE if you agree with me you will help me!!!!!!!! Is there any way I can get them back. what would you do if you were me? I LUV YOU ALL


  20. Kevin says:

    The family and relationships category always seems packed with breakup stories and unhappy people. I was just wanting to know how many of yall have awesome boyfriends/girlfriends like myself. If you would like tell me how long yall have been together and in what way are they awesome.

    Also, I’m not trying to slam the singles out there. I hope all the singles are either enjoying their singleness or close to getting a relationship :)

  21. supernerd567 says:


    So. I have an awesome girlfriend. Infact, I’d easily stick my balls in a box, full of badgers and nails AND take a bullet to the face to express how much I love her.

    BUT……she feels the need (much like my past relationship) to tell me when guys flirt or hit on her. She NEVER expresses any interest in them HOWEVER she always tells me when guys approach her. WHY?

    Example Email Story: ” This stupid annoying kid who thinks he’s ‘got game type of kid’ andhis two friends are pissing me off and being annoying. Wanting me to come party with them, drink
    beer, blah blah—- I am not interested just from person to person still not interested. I was being really cold and short. Them all picking up on it. I said get out. But then the kid says…

    ‘why do you hate me?’
    to which i blankly looked at him and said…
    ‘i dont hate YOU it just happens to be that YOU remind ME EXACTLY of every other single person i HATE. ”

    Anywhoo, this made me jealous. Am I a baby?

  22. Malcolm Hudson says:

    At a conference of 100 mathematicians there are 72 men and 28 women. The men have a mean height of 1.79m and the women have a mean height of 1.62m. Find the mean height of the 100 mathematicians.
    if possible could you explain your steps? id like to know how to solve the problem too :D thanks so much in advance!

  23. LN13 says:

    Everyday for a while I’ve noticed that right when I wake up I have an overwhelming feeling of depression, but it slowly gets better during the day. Then at night I start feeling it again. What does this mean? What can I do about it..In fact everything I’d say seems alright in my life,I ‘m about to graduate from law school and get diploma ,have caring parents ,im not in financial problems..but I just feel depressed for no reason..I have awesome girlfriend who tries to make me feel better.I dont know how long she will endure me though.I feel like Im very jealous about women and when i think about or imagine my gf being with other guys,even slightest thought of its possibility makes me depressed.I feel the same way as the following verses say as great JJ Roussea once used to say in one of his books.:

    Age is already here with its sufferings:
    Brief hopes? Are they all the future brings?
    What does the past grant? Errors, and regret.
    Such is man’s destiny; he learns with age:
    But what use is the sage,
    Now so little time is left?
    Past, present, future, they all grieve me:
    Life in its decline for me lacks glory;
    In the mirror of time, its charms are gone.
    Pleasure! Go seek love and youthfulness;
    Leave me to sadness,
    And do not condemn

  24. toast says:

    Hi can anyone tell me how to dress for a conference in early winter. I don’t have much money to invest on clothes, at the same time I don’t wanna look sloppy.I’m also wondering if just pants and a sweater wold work? (with no blazer)
    Thanks in advance

  25. Salam says:

    Ok so I know this is pretty messed up but Im mad at my friend because guys like drool over her and I guess Im just jealous. But I dont get why she gets all the guys and I dont when shes the one who barely even talks about guys. In my opinion, Im more of the type of girls guys wan to date.

    Me: Blond Hair- Blue Eyes- White. and Im a total girlie girl. I love shopping and partying. Always out with friends and having fun. If your with me, youll never get bored. Plus Im the type of girl who would be an awesome girlfriend. You know, like an actual girl.

    My Friend: Black Hair-Brown eyes-Olive skin. She dresses like a girlie girl too and she likes shopping too. Everyone thinks shes the sweetest nicest person in the world. She is but shes black belt in martial arts and she could kkick a guys butt! And what bugs me is everyone thinks shes all that cuz she has a 4.0 GPA and could play like 7 instruments. She really likes music and sports. Why would guys want a tomboy! and whats the most annoying is that she wont admit that shes all that. She acts like its no big deal and doesnt really care how more talented she is. Who wouldn’t want to show off. and shes so random-like she could talk about anything in the world when it has nothing to do ww our subject. and people just think its witty and cute. Wouldnt this kind of girl intimidate you??????? What does she have over a fun gf like me?

  26. Rishi says:**http%3a//
    She’s uber HOT , what an awesome girlfriend she would be …
    Wish I could get myself into WWE, I would love to be in between that FLAWLESS sammitch .

    Unless, if she does a face turn , then she’ll be hot,again , I guess …..

  27. MAK & CHEESE says:

    Last week 600 past, present and future of feminisms gathered in New York City to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the first, and only, federally funded National Women’s Conference. One of the post conference goals is to draft a list of ten demands to be presented to the 2008 Presidential candidates. What are some of the issues that you would you like to see go on the list?
    Patios: Is that your personal list or the actual list of the NWC? Either way, you’ve done your homework. Thanks!
    Jonmcn49: Thanks for your answer, too.

  28. Balla says:

    My boyfriend makes it hard for me to act the way I want and do nice things for him because he doesnt really reciprocate. How do I get him to be more comfortable with me and worry less about if he is showing too much emotion, etc. Any advice?

  29. Rishi says:

    She is 24 and I am in love with her. I am 27. I know for a fact she has never cheated on me any time we were dating. (We were together for three months then I broke things off because she got clingy and I didn’t know how to handle that. But we’re back together now and she is not clingy anymore.) She left her email open on my computer once and I read old messages. (I know it was wrong) She kept all her old messages and never deleted anything, one conversation was with a friend of hers (before we met.) and she disclosed that she had slept with at least 50 people…(guys and girls). This is the lifetime roster, but seriously that is way high.

    -We have dated a total of 7 months.
    -She seems very thoughtful, loving and is an awesome girlfriend
    -I have never had a reason to not trust her
    -Although she never told me specific numbers, she was honest when we were first getting to know each other that she was experienced and said there was a time in her life where she got depressed and didn’t care about her body or what happened to her.
    -She seems very happy with me
    -She doesn’t have any diseases or anything and the sex with her is great!

    I was shocked to find this out, but as long as it is just her past I don’t exactly have a problem with it. She says she want’s to settle down with me and is always talking about our future, she’s willing to move anywhere I work (I’m in school right now and she is working.) She isn’t after money, because I don’t have any :P In fact she pays for our dates occasionally because at times I am strapped for cash due to being a student again. I think this girl is amazing and she makes me feel great. Should I just forget about her past and not let it bother me? As far as I know she has never cheated on anyone in a serious relationship. We have discussed things like being faithful and cheating and she knows that fidelity is extremely important to me. I simply wouldn’t date someone who cheated.

    Any opinions would be appreciated. And guys before you go badmouthing her there are advantages to dating a girl who knows what she is doing! ;) Teh sex = amazing.

    I’m not looking just for sex though, I want a relationship too and that seems to be what she wants.

  30. mal_functiongeo says:

    Well I liked this girl and got her # everyone knew I liked her and everyone she liked me and we always texted each other
    Well she tricked me into saying I have a huge crush on her but she said she doesn’t feel the same…whatever
    But she adds it apon her self to make me feel worse she (flirted with my bro/told me who she liked/sent me a picture of her/and joked around about how we need to cuddling then she said Jk) well she get jelous and all believe me I tested it because I was talking to some girls and she kept looking at me and them and came over
    Well I’m apon that and stuff but we later got into an argument that she started because she all randomly said your annoying so I’m like whatever fine cya later and stopped texting her well I later apologized for it but in a bad way which we made things worse I said why do I keep trying and she said should I keep encourging you??
    I asked her if she even knew what I ment and the one class I have with her I said nothing to her and didn’t even look in her direction because I knew she would shoot me a look but no she took it a step past that and walked in front of me then walked back pushing my with her hand and she smiled and giggled
    I havnt talked to her in a week and havnt seen her in 5 day
    Here’s also anther problem shes in the club I’m in and they were saying we needed her for something and they all looked at me and I told them I havnt talked to her in a week so what should I do ?
    We really need her in the club but i don’t know how to say we need you without sounding like a creep?
    Also when should I start talking to her again? And what do I say?

    How I feel about her…. Lazy pritty smart talented could be an awesome girlfriend but also can be a flirt or she’s trying to mess with my head also I forgot kinda mean(I’m not the nicest to so I can’t play that card)

  31. Xbox Gamer says:

    I have the most awesome girlfriend in the world her name is Dianna…yes my beautiful princess…anyway she’s got the most sexiest feet and toes I have ever come across and they look soooo soft and clean, but everytime I ask her to show me she giggles and refuses, she once showed me like last year before we got together but now when I ask her she just giggles and blushes and says nooo please, she knows I love her toes but how do I get her to show me her toes I workout often and my friends call me METAL in a diffrent languge because it symbolises toughness and strength I’m quit bulky and I’ll mess around with my girlfreind and say baby you know I’m way stronger than you I’ll flip you over and take your shoe off so I can see your toes, then we just laugh because I would never do that…but I want to see her toes help please????

  32. clntvrrt says:

    I have an awesome girlfriend, but in the past 18 months I have screwed up by lying. When we first got together I helped my ex paint and told my girlfriend that I was at my aunt’s house. Then a few months later she saw that I had been communicating with my ex. Now, the latest lie was that I came out to my mother. The truth is, I tried, but my mother did not want to hear it. I told my girlfriend that I came out before I spoke with my mother and when my mother told me that she didn’t want to hear it, I didn’t push the issue and I never told my girlfriend any different.

    Now, my girlfriend says that she is tired of my lying and doesn’t know if she wants to be with me, despite the fact that we have said that each other are “the one” and I want to marry her. I know my track record sucks, but I am done with lying. How do I show my girlfriend. Any lie that I could tell is not worth losing her. I love her and I am going to be honest, even when it is hard. How can I show her and keep her?

  33. John G says:

    So I’d really appreciate it if you could answer one or more of my questions about how to be socially successful at a conference,

    So first are the details about the conference and the group. PLEASE READ these BEFORE answering a question.

    - I’m in Chicago for about a week but my real time to meet people is 3 full days.
    - The group will consist of mainly young professionals. There are usually more women than men and most are single.
    - Most people, including me, have theirs meals being payed for by their workplace and are staying at a hotel near the conference center.
    - Most people are there as individuals and don’t know anyone else within the sessions.

    Now, I have questions about how to achieve my goals as a single guy who will likely be bored at the conference if I don’t get social.

    1. How do I approach a table of men and women who have started talking in pairs? What about if they’re all awkward or quiet (quite probable based on my past experience)?

    2. What should I suggest as something to do with people in the evenings?

    3. How do I tell a woman that I want to do something physically intimate? I don’t really want/expect to have sex, but I’d like to make out or even just cuddle with a woman.

    4. If I get a women to come to my room, how do I make out with a stranger who I will be seeing the next day? Could you give me tips? I’m rather inexperienced because I’ve only been intimate with women within my inner circle who I’ve had long relationships with.

    Thank you so much. You could really help improve my week!

  34. David says:

    first world women conference

  35. Ed D says:

    This is a question for Yahoo! Answers, and it’s also an invitation to join a conference on Yahoo! Messenger, on a more general topic.

    The topic is: “Why are Men and Women so different in their psychology and how can we actually understand each other?”

    The conference will take place Sunday, July 29th, at 6 PM GMT, or 11 AM Pacific Time and 2 PM Eastern Time. That’s about 24 hours away from now.

    I’m going to be online for at least the next 3 hours. My Yahoo! Messenger ID is:


    Please write your ID too in your answer to confirm your participation and to get more details about the conference.
    To get a better idea on what I’m talking about, see my other questions and their answers on the topic:

    “Women: what is the true value of an attractive man?”;_ylt=AvOAgKzwCV.sziYHNV2L20_ty6IX?qid=20070726201334AAv6byL

    “What do women REALLY want?”;_ylt=AteZdidIsT5LntJ9pOjhQCfty6IX?qid=20070726200216AAo9myN

    “Can Men & Women actually communicate with each other?”;_ylt=AlDPNalCgA5CSzpyovWLrzLty6IX?qid=20070726114508AAkzkD0

    “Women: what is the true value of an attractive male?”;_ylt=At6962H0BfZYlymcyngl3GTty6IX?qid=20070726032705AA2byLz

  36. Big Banger says:

    My classmate has an awesome girlfriend … we are both 17 and she is 20 . I’ve seen her like 4 times at some parties . The thing is that the dude doesn’t even care about her and he makes her cry and treats her like crap every time he even told me that he doesn’t give a damm about her and he only keeps her to get money from her. Since I got her number and Id we have been talking on the messenger nearly daily ..and recently she is calling me nearly every night crying that he treated her like crap and she can’t do this anymore . If I call the second day , she is happy and tells me that she convinced him to be with her again. I mean if she would have been the young-jerk chasing girl type I would have had no problem , but she is so sweet and friendly , I can understand she cares about him but she should have a limit for god sake … Any ideas how I could get her? I mean i have a fear that I am dropping in the friend zone , and I didn’t want to tell her that he said he doesn’t care about her because she probably wouldn’t belive me and she might get upset. pff any ideas ?

  37. Yoshi says:

    is there a rubric avavailable for this activity

  38. Gabriel Kenney says:

    1) A group consists of 6 men and 5 women. Four people are selected to attend a conference. Find the probability that the group selected will consist of 2 men and 2 woman.

  39. Death Knight says:

    When was the all India Women’s Conference founded

  40. kamikami says:

    …”I know that we do have angels on the other side that we don’t see. We’re never truly left alone in our darkest hour.”

  41. slipknot0129 says:

    I am trying to get a conference organized for a small church in Texas.

  42. crzyinluv says:

    Hello I am hosting a luncheon and conference in Las Vegas for women and children at my church. Any ideas for keepsakes? We do not have a large buget. Also how do I get donations or volunteers interested?

  43. Milk84 says:

    I was a nice guy and I treated my ex-girlfriend awesome. But she was lame and broke up with me for no good reason but to marry some jerk that had money, and she actually liked him because he was an a**hole. Now I keep hearing new stories about violent things he has done to her. Every time, I think about how cold-hearted she was to me, then I laugh loudly! Does this make me bad?

  44. Samuro says:

    That’s funny. Did he say “I think” That’s pointless and so is your attitude.

  45. Jon P says:

    I’ve been to one of her conferences and had a wonderful time. I’m just wondering what the Womens conference is like.

  46. Lia-lu-li says:

    I have an issue with interacting with guys..
    I have guy friends, who actually took the time to get to no me. and they all say im an amazing person and would make a great girlfriend. one I even DID date, but he ended having mixed feelings in the end, but he said i was a awesome girlfriend.
    BUT, im soooo shy, that its hard for me to meet more guys..
    i get checked out frequently, but rarely EVER talked to.
    am i unapproachable? do you think they just don’t bother because they can tell im way too shy?
    and alot of guys iam acquainted with just don’t take the time to get to no me.
    how can i learn to not be shy?
    im scared of being single forever :(

  47. _marky_mark_ says:

    i like who i am and i think im a pretty cool person, but i’m afraid that if a guy starts dating me he’s going to get bored quickly and want to move on to a different girl. does anybody else feel like this? how can i have more confidence and believe that i am someone who would make an awesome girlfriend?

  48. Cupcakerum says:

    Well in my novel the main characters parents died and i want to know what relationship I should have. Derek is the main character, his sisters name is Allyson, and his brothers name is Scott. These are the relationships I want people to choose from after their house burns down and the parents die.

    Derek and Allyson
    Derek and Scott
    Derek, Allyson and Scott
    Derek and no one else, but the friends he has at school.
    By “relationship” I mean like which sibling should stay alive.

  49. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    I”m a girly girl going to see my boyfriend, he lives with 5 guys, I’m going to be there for the whole weekend! Any tips of what I should bring, avoid, and do to be an awesome girlfriend?
    PS. I want to make a good impression, and I really care about him :)


    The use of such words as marginalization, emancipation binges back to memories the era before Sir William Wilberforce of the fight for the freedom of slaves and the many other s who were involved in the Slaves Freedom Fight Movement both in USA and UK. The word emancipation is those associated with one freeing him/herself for the grip of another person.

  51. Dr Hank says:

    10 months ago I posted about my boyfriend almost cheating, since then a lot has happened. We are still a couple however it isn’t the same..since then we have not been intimate. He wont allow me to touch him at all. He says we are fine, and that he loves me very much and that I am an awesome girlfriend. As far as I know he isn’t cheating, when he isn’t at work he is typically at home asleep or hanging out with me. We did live together but my therapist suggested I needed to give him some space so I moved out 7 months ago. Still nothing happened. He seems to be confused by his reaction as well. I ask if he wants to break up he says no..he says that I am causing us to have problems by trying to get him to open up and talk, or by even suggesting we be together sexually. I thought I had finally figured it all out about a month back..I have fertility issues and I really want to be a came to me that maybe all of this was related to that and that he had shut down over seeing me suffer each month when I wasn’t..I posed this idea to him and he told me he believed I was I said we can use protection for awhile..a month has gone by and still nothing, I brought it up again the other night I asked him to go to a Dr. because he could have health issues involving his vascular system (heart, cholesterol, high blood pressure, Diabetes etc) He refuses to go. I am desperate, I have never went this long with out feeling like the man I am with is attracted to me..but I feel down right ugly, I didn’t belong in the relationship anymore..even though I love this man..I see a shell of a man left not the man I met and fell in love with! Advice would be greatly appreciated!

  52. Adam says:

    I am a 20 year old girl, and I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost 6 months now. He’s 22.

    I also have mild-moderate acne, and I have been seeing a doctor for it for a few months now. Things have gotten a little bit better before I was receiving treatment, but I am not 100% clear. This brings me down on a day to day basis. My boyfriend never says anything about my acne. I just can’t get over my insecurities about my acne, and can’t stop thinking that he is going to find someone more better looking than I am. He has told me that I am an awesome girlfriend. I always wake up every morning and think about how I could be enjoying my life 10 times more if I didn’t have this acne issue in the back of my mind. I would feel a lot more worth it. I really like my boyfriend, and I want to be beautiful for him. My acne just brings me down. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  53. Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    I feel very lonely at the moment. I have been bragging about how awesome my girlfriend is (since i started going out with her 4 months ago) to everyone i know and i just found out that she cheated on me with her ex in the first month of our relationship. I havent talked to anyone about this. Not even my best friend.

    This is a very long story but i’ll try to keep it as brief as possible. I would like all the important facts to be considered.

    I met this girl in November 07, she told me she was single when she was not. We got close to each other in march 08 and started going out in early April 08. All this while she had been lying to me about her past, saying that her last relationship was in July 07 etc. She was in fact still in a relationship when she started going out with me.

    She broke up with her boyfriend 5 days into our relationship (but didn’t tell him about me) and decided to remain friends. However she told me that she will have no contact with him. In the first month of our relationship she met up with her “ex” just to hang around (3 times in total) behind my back and ended up sleeping with him twice. Once at his place and the other in a public bathroom after they went swimming in a public pool at night. All this while she said she loved me with all her heart and that she’d never do anything to hurt me etc. Her ex didn’t know about me, she told him that she wanted to break up because her parents didn’t like him.

    After the second time she slept with him she realised it had to stop and decided to break all ties with her ex. She stopped the cheating on her own however she did do this after i had caught her out on a lie. She claims that the 2 times she slept with him, it happened in the spur of the moment and had never planned to do it with him. For her, she was just meeting up with him to hang out as friends.

    So she broke all ties with him and 3 months later (which is the present) , after a lot of snooping around i found out that she was lying about certain things (never suspected her of cheating though) and she realised that everything was getting out of hand, in terms of the number of lies she was telling me. So she decided to come clean about everything she had done, including the cheating, lies about her past relationships etc.

    She said that one of the reasons for breaking ALL ties with her ex was because a month into our relationship she realised that she truly loved me and couldn’t continue a “friendship” relationship with her ex. She says that she was not completely over her ex in the first month of our relationship.

    I asked her to make some “drastic actions” to prove that her love was in fact true. She wrote a confession later DETAILING everything she had done to her parents and also sent an email to most of her old friends telling them exactly what she did. She was also about to join a choir (she’s into singing and stuff) but pulled out to show that she was committed to me. She’s even prepared to have my name tattooed on her. She claims that I have changed her and she’s not the same person anymore.

    So basically, she did some very horrible things (I worked out that at one point she slept with me and her ex on consecutive days) and if you think about it, she was actually cheating on 2 guys at the same time. She then did things to show that she is committed to me. She has not been making excuses and takes all the blame for doing what she did.

    I’m 50/50 on this matter and was hoping if someone could tell me what they would do in this situation.

  54. Kaden says:

    This guy and i are friends. I have been so in love with him for the past 4 years. I finally confessed my feelings for him and he feels the same way. So we are now boyfriend and girlfriend. The problem is why am i soooo nervous and shy when im around him?? i mean it just feels sooo weird. He is shy to take the first move too. When we are with each other, we just keep smiling and feeling so shy. We only started being boyfriend and girlfriend 3 days ago and so far we just hang in school, talk, hug a lil( we will start blushing that time), and we text message each other. I want to be an awesome girlfriend for him. How?? What should i do?? i get sooo shy around him that words cant even come out from my mouth! maybe its cause im really in love with him??

  55. LN13 says:

    The first speaker; a lady from England , stood and said “During last year’s conference, we spoke about being more assertive with our husbands. Well, after the conference, I went home and told my husband, Barrington, that I would no longer cook for him and that he would have to do it himself.
    After the first day, I saw nothing. The second day, I saw nothing, but on the third day, I saw that he had cooked a wonderful roast lamb.” (Thecrowd cheered).
    The second speaker from Russia , stood up and said, “After last year’s conference, I went home and told my husband, Ivan, that I would no longer do his laundry and that he would have to do it himself. The first day, I saw nothing. After the second day, I saw nothing, but on the third day, I saw that he had done not only his own washing, but mine as well. (The crowd again cheered).
    The third speaker, an Aboriginal lady, stood up and said, “Afta lassyear’s conference, I wen home and tole dat lazy husband of mines, Dingo Jack, dat I
    was froo pickin up his beer cans, cookin his tucker and washin his undaweah and dat he was goin to haf to do dem himself.
    (The crowd went wild with cheering and clapping that lasted for five
    long minutes).
    She continued. “Afta da first day, I nevah see nuffin. Afta da second day I nevah see nuffin, but afta da fird day, I could see a little bit outa my leff eye.”

    star if you liked it:)

  56. Clayton Cottrell says:

    It is hoped that the Conference will hold in Dubai for 3000 participants worldwide

  57. Gage says:

    I love Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Smokie Norful, Fred Hammond, Etc…

  58. DuckieM10 says:

    my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and it has been really hard lately. We’ve been fighting and fighting and fighting and i feel like it’s all my fault, I just get so jealous and mad at stupid things and i know that its stupid but i can’t not be mad if im mad you know. so what can i do to fix this all i really feel like we’re falling apart and i really don’t want that i love him soooo much i really need him and he is so perfect i don’t know what to do. i try to change myself but it’s really hard, and i feel like he deserves better. i know i am an awesome girlfriend i give him everything and all my love and give up my wants for his but i feel like i push him away with my anger and jealousy. please help?

  59. RxP DarkBox says:

    A group consists of 4 men and 5 women. 3 people are selected at random to attend a conference. In how many ways can 3 women be selected from the group?

  60. Matthew David says:

    She is beautiful, smart, witty and all that. They just started dating and he introduces her to you… how would / should you feel??? Is it wrong to be attracted towards her?
    Also, would the respect for your guy friend increase?

  61. Rishi says:

    I got an awesome girlfriend but her dad does not like her dad said to me would you like to come on holiday with us and of course i said yes. So that morning i went to there house and her dad said ahh forgot to tell ya my sons need a haircut do you wanna come with us then we will go. So when we got to the barbers the first son had his haircut a buzz cut (grade3) then the next son buzz cut ( grade 20 then the dad said to me do you want a haircut and i said no thanks. and he said go on just a trim. then i said ok then i said to the barber a trim please he said ok.then the dad whispered someing in his ear then the barber said just gotta turn the chair a bit he turned it so much that i couldn’t see the mirror. then he got the clippers out and saved my head i just thought it would be grade 4/5 but when i got up the dad said how do you like your buzz cut the laughed i looked in the mior and i hated but i said i love thanks then he gt angry ad said sit back in the chair i said why he said now so i did then the barber shaved my head bald!!!

  62. Kaylla says:

    Ok. Im a pretty fun dude. I love having fun and hanging out and enjoying life. I hae an awesome girlfriend now. However, our relationship has evolved so much. I keep thinking that just because we don’t do as much together as in the relationship in the beginning (talking on the phone for hours, doing alot together, etc) she doesnt love me. she calls me and loves me very much. We both make mistakes and are not perfect. But lttile things bother me so much. Like for example, shes hanging with this group thingy and she said she met some new people, and my mind goes to-oh my god she met a new guy! (which I know is total bullshit cause I know my girlfriend would NEVER cheat on me). She didnt sound very good, which was tiredness and a hugely long day and my mind goes to-oh **** shes mad at me!

    Basically, only with her, im very insecure and think too much.

    The girl and I love each other. Why does my mind think these negative thoughts? what can I do to relieve the stress of a relationship? I could use some help.

    One more thing too. Listen, Im not stupid. There is a good chance we’ll break up in the future, but as a taken dude, im finding the chances that i’ll find someone like her again slim. how can I convince myself there are others for me, cause that will help me not stress out? thanks

  63. Caltel T says:

    5 months ago i was a really happy guy with an awesome girlfriend, we had been together for over 4 years but we both had to move to different cities. After a few months apart, a guy started calling her but she told me he was just a friend and that i didn’t have to worry about it, so i decided to trust her. 2 months later she told me she thought she was starting to feel something about this guy but she wasn’t sure, i decided to do my best and a few weeks later she said everything was awesome between us again. Ok, 2 weeks after that she brokeup with me and i today (3 months later) i find out that she just got a new boyfriend, that guy!!. i don’t know what to do because i think i still love her but i also know i should move on but im afraid i can’t. What should i do? I appreciate every answer given!

  64. sam N says:

    My boyfriend broke up with me on our one month anniversary, I organised a trip to the movies where I was going to kiss him for the first time and make sure I was going to be a better girlfriend, because I was too scared to kiss him before but the day he broke up with me I thought okay it’s been a month, I am going to be a proper awesome girlfriend! And then I said, so are you coming to the cinema? and he said no i can’t be bothered i’m going home, bye and then i followed him and he said oh you’re back, go away! and so i went home and cried. And then a couple of hours later he said i love you as a best friend but i am gay and you need to try and accept that, i’m sorry and then i said, but you’re the one who asked me out in the first place! and he said, well now i’m ending it! I am so upset, I can’t stop crying, a can’t study and I have an exam in a few days, I can’t move, I lay in bed for hours crying and I’m just sooo upset! He is my best friend forever and I should have been more romantic with him when I had the chance and I am beating myself up about that! But it’s just the fact that he will never love me ever again, he is good looking, funny, sweet, and we have the best times together! and i just don’t know how i am going to get over this, somebody please help me! oh by the way i am 14 and all my body is aching, i think it might be stress related.

  65. Austin says:

    I am a 20 year old girl, and I have been seeing my boyfriend for almost 6 months now. He’s 22.

    I also have mild-moderate acne, and I have been seeing a doctor for it for a few months now. Things have gotten a little bit better before I was receiving treatment, but I am not 100% clear. This brings me down on a day to day basis. My boyfriend never says anything about my acne. I just can’t get over my insecurities about my acne, and can’t stop thinking that he is going to find someone more better looking than I am. He has told me that I am an awesome girlfriend. I always wake up every morning and think about how I could be enjoying my life 10 times more if I didn’t have this acne issue in the back of my mind. I would feel a lot more worth it. I really like my boyfriend, and I want to be beautiful for him. My acne just brings me down. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  66. Andres C says:

    The differences, the similarities, the communication, the preferences…

    I’m having a conference on this topic today at 6 PM GMT. That’s 11 AM West Coast time or 2 PM East Coast.

    Everyone who’s interested in this subject and has an opinion is welcome to join in. If you have friends who have interesting views, please invite them too.

    Please write your Yahoo! Messenger ID in your answer too.

  67. Ed D says:

    and you want to tel the new lovely awesome girlfriend how pyscho is really is but how do you? imagine ur married now and have moved on totally and you dont want to sound like his pyscho ex but just want to warn her of what he is like. He stalked three girls and he used to hit me all the time and say i would go to hell if i didnt go to church with him etc….and that if i ever left him he would kill himself etc and when i did he threatened to kill me and then i met my husband and he used to text call and abuse us saying he was going to kill us…do i tel her this? or do i let her find out the hard way? i dont want this on my shoulders anymore…

  68. Benihana says:


  69. Maggie says:

    OK, I admittedly DO NOT KNOW much about cars or their accessories. That being said … I bought my boyfriend a really cool new radio for his car, screen flips out, had a back up camera thing, usb and memory card slot … yeah … well I bought this for his old car, his Pontiac Grand AM … the day before I was going to give him this awesome new thing, he bought a Dodge Nitro. He said that radio can’t go in his car because of something or other … well that was supposed to be his birthday present in February. Well now our anniversary is coming up and I would love to buy him another radio that actually fits the Nitro. I would like one very similar to the one I got before … is there any way of finding out what stereos will fit the Nitro or … what? I have no idea how to word this lol … so hopefully some people who know cars and stereos can help me out. I figured it might have something to do with the fact that the Nitro is American made … maybe I need an American made stereo? I don’t know. PLEASE HELP!!! I’m trying to be an awesome girlfriend here!

  70. Peter says:

    met this guy through mutual friends, he is actually friends with my mom, too. He asked me out on a date and I agreed. We’ve hung out together a bunch of times and each time is really fun. He’s really intelligent and we have some great conversations. One night we were making out and in the heat of the moment we were about to have sex. He told me he didn’t want to ruin what we had because he knows that if we have sex to early he would feel guilty and our relationship or the connection we had would never last. I agreed, mostly because I am a good girl and I haven’t slept with anyone except guys that I have been in a longterm relationship with. He tells me how great of a girl I am and that I would make an awesome girlfriend, but then sometimes he says he doesn’t know what he wants and is not sure which direction his life is going with his goals and whatnot. I really like him, I think we have great chemistry but I’m so confused. He hardly calls when he says he will ( he does call me just never exactly when he says he will) and he recently went on vacation for a week and I didn’t hear from him until he got back.

    What is going on? Any advice? I’m 21 and he’s 22. I’m not clingy and I never call or text him unless he texts/calls me first. I am a pretty chill girl. What is going on? Is he leading me on?

  71. Joe M says:

    my and my boyfriend (he calls me his wife and i call him my husband) have been together for..coming up on two years.
    in the beginning, it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. now, i don’t know what to think.
    he’s in school to be an RN.
    so basically, he’s in school a lot, so we moved in together cause he had to quit his job to make room for school and i felt the opportunity to be a totally awesome girlfriend and move in so he didn’t have to worry about being broke and lonely.
    we both thought it was a perfect plan!
    that was about 8months ago.
    now, he’s going to school even more (i get it)
    he has to be on the computer a lot now for his homework. (i get it)
    but what i don’t get, is that on his free time, he doesn’t want to do anything….with me.
    see, he plays a lot of League of Legends (computer game).
    and when he’s not, he’s just sort of…..trolling on the computer or..watching crap on tv.
    I’ll suggest we go work out or go for a walk or to go eat…ANYTHING to get him out of the house…WITH ME.
    “no, I’m tired.” “maybe later.” later never comes. “nah..let’s have sexy time!”
    BUT! if his best friend calls “yo! lets go drink.” “lets go play cards!” “lets go drink and play cards at my sisters house who’s a club whore with a two year old and has no self respect!”
    he’s ready faster than he can text back.
    I’m tired of coming second to his best friend :(
    I’ve tried everything from making plans where we could all go do something or go drinking or..something. nothings worked.
    i always thought that if you’re a guy, and your best friend gets a girlfriend, aren’t you supposed to…i don’t know…back off a little?

    i don’t know how to make this work anymore.

    any suggestions?

  72. Jose B says:

    So, I have this amazing girlfriend. Everything about her is great. She’s got awesome friends, she’s smart and ambitious, really pretty, etc.

    However, something is just not there in the bedroom. It’s not that she never wants to have sex… she requests it all the time, but while we’re doing it, she doesn’t seem ‘that’ into it. She never grabs my penis or anything (and I have told her explicitly that I like it when she does) and rarely gives me head (only on request). She also doesn’t keep herself very well manicured (I do, and have requested that she do and I’ve told her that my oral would be much better if there was no hair down there).
    I don’t want to throw away an otherwise very awesome relationship, but I’ve tried talking to her and nothing seems to be working. How do I talk to her without crushing her self-confidence? Should I just move on?

  73. Dana G says:

    If they can run the table in a women’s conference and beat 1 or 2 ranked teams each year they can go to a BCS Bowl. In the Big East I can see them losing 3-4 games a season. Boise State is smart. They don’t want to join the Pac 12 or Big 10 which would be better for them geographically because they will get slaughtered by the likes of Oregon, Stanford, USC, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Texas.

  74. mr flibble says:

    Ok. Im a pretty fun dude. I love having fun and hanging out and enjoying life. I hae an awesome girlfriend now. However, our relationship has evolved so much. I keep thinking that just because we don’t do as much together as in the relationship in the beginning (talking on the phone for hours, doing alot together, etc) she doesnt love me. she calls me and loves me very much. We both make mistakes and are not perfect. But lttile things bother me so much. Like for example, shes hanging with this group thingy and she said she met some new people, and my mind goes to-oh my god she met a new guy! (which I know is total bullshit cause I know my girlfriend would NEVER cheat on me). She didnt sound very good, which was tiredness and a hugely long day and my mind goes to-oh shit shes mad at me!

    Basically, only with her, im very insecure and think too much.

    The girl and I love each other. Why does my mind think these negative thoughts? what can I do to relieve the stress of a relationship? I could use some help.


  75. evil chevy says:

    I should be more spacific. She seems to act like she’s keeping me around until something better comes along. I get introduced as her ‘friend’ rather than her boyfriend. When I write a comment on her website about how she’s an awesome girlfriend she deletes it. I feel like she’s embarrassed that she’s is with me, or that she doesn’t want any one else to know she’s involved with someone. She hasn’t even changed her relastionship status from single to taken on the singles profile site we met on. I know some of this seems petty, but it;s all kinds of little thing building up to this big thing. I just don’t want to get hurt.

  76. Flash Funk says:

    I am a junior in college and have hated everyday of it. I am a great student and tend to get very good grades, but as for the all around “college” part I just find it hard to have fun. I have no friends at all, with the exception of a really awesome girlfriend. My girlfriend is the exact opposite of me, she is extremely outgoing and has hundreds of friends she could call up any minute she’s bored. I, on the other hand, can’t talk to anyone I sit next to because I get overwhelmed with extreme shyness. I feel like I have nothing to say, and I think about what I can say to the person sitting beside me that might interest them into maybe being my friend but it always ends up me realizing that they will probably think I am weird and I just keep quiet the whole time. As for parties I go out a lot, usually only when my girlfriend is going out to a party too so I know I’ll at least have someone to talk to. I am not really looking for another girlfriend as I already have one that I love very much, but you can imagine how much more shy I am around pretty girls when I get super shy just around other guys already as it is.

    To describe myself I am a 5’8″ male with an average body type not too fat not too skinny, I feel like I am above average in looks, I have a very welcoming smile, I am very intelligent, music is my passion, I really hate sports and have trouble talking to other guys about them as I don’t know the first thing about any sport, I am of an Arabian looking descent but with very fair skin many people describe me as a white guy with a great tan and dark hair, I am 100% self-conscious about what I wear, how I talk, what I talk about, what I drive, etc.

    I even pay about 400 dollars of my own money to be part of one of the best fraternities on our campus. The fraternity that throws the best parties, has the best looking girls, and is the biggest overall. I can’t even make friends in my own fraternity because I am too shy to hang out with anybody. My energy level drains really quickly in social settings as I can be funny and outgoing for about 10 minutes but after that I get so tired of faking this entertaining and outgoing persona I tend to fall to the back-burner and don’t talk too much.

    I’ve spent about 2 years trying to make friends in college, and even if I do find someone who is willing to hang out with me and has similar interests the relationship is short-lived. Usually the person has better friends that they would prefer to hang out with, or we just don’t have much to do together and we both get bored of each other.

    Friends are a necessary thing in life, every answer to any question I have and look up on the internet always has an answer “seek help from your good friends” well what if my problem is that I don’t have good friends, or any friends for that matter, who should I seek help from then? I just want to be happy and be able to look back on my college experience and say that I had an awesome time, met awesome people, and even met some friends that will be at my wedding, my birthday, and even my funeral. What can I do?

  77. XplicitzZ says:

    Did you actually tried that? It won’t work…

  78. Denali says:

    My mom agreed to pay for a trip for me and her to anywhere we want in the U.S. as long as I find a Christian women’s conference, thats at least 2 days long. And we’ll stay up to a week there! Its hard finding a conference during the days I’m on break that would be near a place I want to go. How can I find a conference? (my break is March 19-29)

  79. Scorch Delta-62 says:

    This guy and I used to date a while ago but we were never official. He was my first and basically, I wanted a commited relationship and he wanted to be free and party. But when he blew me off for a party one time, I finally had enough and stopped talking to him, despite his efforts to contact me. He tried once again after a year and said he was truly sorry for the way he treated me and asked if we can be friends. I agreed but in my heart, I always had feelings for him and still do. I know that he is still immature even at 24 but he has grown up a little since the last time I saw him because he told me that he realized sleeping around wasnt the most effective way to meet someone and is keeping his eyes open for a great girl. We have a lot in common and it seems he is sexually attracted to me. I really want to show him that I’m a great friend and would make an awesome girlfriend and he already knows the sex is amazing lol How can I open his eyes and win him over??

  80. uberfailz says:

    my relationships always start off great. im confident that i have a great personality, and i consider myself to be fairly attractive. in the past, ive dated a lot of a holes…. i mean a lot. ive had some pretty emotionally traumatic things happen, and only because i chose to be with the wrong guys [i always knew this from the start, but always gave em the benefit of the doubt i guess]. now, im dating this guy who is a close friend of one of my best friends. we’ve known each other a long time, and decided one day to see where things would go.

    fantastic at first, he was the perfect gentlemen. i love everything about him, and we share tons of similar interests and tastes. about 3 months in now, and things arent so great. he doesnt treat me the same way he did before, and i almost feel like im putting way more into this than he is. i get extremely paranoid that he’s going to do something to me, and it makes me crazy. i know im capable of being an awesome girlfriend, but i think the issues i have with the past always start to interfere with good relationships i have now…. i really dont want to lose this guy, i adore him.

    i think we’re at this point where not only am i getting paranoid about him and what he does when we arent together, but i also doubt in my mind that he even likes me and wants to be with me– when he tells me all the time that he does like me. … what do i do??

  81. mmminja says:

    Despite my hatred for these types of dating questions, you know, the “I’m great but no one loves me!” type, I’m a fine line away from one. Pre-apologize for the length of my question details; skim over, read only the bottom questions, I’m simply looking for an answer or two, some sort of explanation or insight into my dilemmas.

    Alright, here goes…
    My last relationship was for a year and a half, the latter several months long-distance as he went off for university. All was well, he and the majority thought I was an awesome girlfriend, I thought the same of him, we were caught up in the illusion of love, all those things. Out of the blue, he ended it. No explanation, no feelings spared, no attempts at remaining friends, absolutely nothing. Naturally, I was devastated and couldn’t help but wonder if I myself had done something wrong, that sort of thing. Deleted him from my phone, Facebook, cut him from my life and commenced the getting over process. Come to find out his reasoning for breaking up was because our relationship was “too much effort” and he (thought he) could find any ol’ local girl, could put in no effort and reap the benefits of being with someone. Oops, his mistake. Currently begging for another go, playing the “oh, c’mon, c’mon, what’s a boy to do when all the pretty girls can’t measure to you?” card and I’m far from interested in a round two.

    Now back into the pursuit of a mate and, wha’dya know, I am overlooked. A bit about me, I am seventeen, just shy of 5’10″, blue eyes, below-the-shoulder length golden brown hair (think Amy Adams,, a smattering of light freckles across my nose and cheeks. I run, and am thus reasonably thin (something like 37″-27″-37″; generally slender but for my chest). Long arms, long legs, I’m adequately content with how I look. Not the most gorgeous person on the face of the earth, but I do get compliments and try to look lovely without spending three hours each morning carefully placing each and every strand of my hair in place. In dress, I wear dresses and skirts as often as I can, never anything incredibly short/tight out of preference. Feminine dresses or shorts in the summer, jeans/dresses/skirts with tights and boots in the winter. Typically wear flat shoes as I am already quite tall enough, I think, but I do appreciate a nice wedge every once and again. All of this to say that I think not, and hope not, that my looks are the problem here, what’s holding me back.

    Though I am the farthest thing from perfect, I do consider myself intelligent, I am motivated, honest, sweet, caring, all those nice things people profess to seek in a mate. But alas, I am shy. I rarely approach men; maybe somewhat old-fashioned, but I simply do not. I enjoy conversation, appreciate silence as well, but it is very difficult for me to strike up the interaction. Only topped in difficulty level by finding someone with the same interests and intents in a relationship as I do. I am far from in the market for a one-night stand, **** buddy, any type of deal like that, in favor of a more committed relationship. Nothing too serious as to remove any sort of fun or enjoyment, but I want some loyalty, here. Not a religious fanatic, I don’t exclude sex from relationships, but I’d like a little more than an enjoyable romping.
    So far, the insight I’ve gotten was from a friend of mine (20 and male) who says:
    “Your standards are absurd! Men at and around twenty are generally concerned with what’s between a woman’s thighs instead of her ears. And the ones that aren’t are usually religious, which you aren’t, or stupid, which you detest!”

    Questions, here:
    ARE my standards too high? Obviously there are exceptions to the ^^above thoughts, but am I in fact simply stuck in an age range (logically, late teens – early/mid twenties) concerned primarily with sex above a dating type relationship? Or is my problem instead that I am introverted and generally considered “the nice, smart one” as opposed to just an easy lay?

  82. Paul M says:

    I need women’s devotional ideas ASAP!! Speaking at a Christian conference to ladies and need some good ideas. Does anyone have any?

  83. Echo says:

    When vectors are added, the sum is called the resultant vector. In the experimental
    method of adding vectors, you are not actually adding vectors. You are taking three
    vectors and adding a fourth one to them, so that the result is zero. Since this puts the
    system in equilibrium, the vector that is added is called the equilibrant. The resultant
    and the equilibrant are not the same, but they are related.

    (a) What is the relationship between magnitudes of the resultant and the equilibrant?

    (b) What is the relationship between the directions of the resultant and the equilibrant?

  84. slipknot0129 says:

    We are having our first annual women’s conference and I am trying to think of some inexpensive gifts to fill the gift bags. Any ideas?

  85. liza says:

    The plan of action adopted at the 1977 National Women’s Conference featured 26 resolutions, or planks, on the following topics:

    By a topic by topic breakdown how successful have each of these been?

    Arts and humanities: Women should have equal opportunities in federal posts and equal access to arts grants.

    Battered women: A national clearinghouse must be created to support local organizations helping battered women and working to prevent domestic violence.

    Business: More government contracts to women-owned businesses, which numbered less than one percent in 1977.

    Child abuse: More prevention, treatment and protective services.

    Child care: Care must be low cost and high quality.

    Credit: The Equal Credit Opportunity Act must be enforced to make sure that women are no longer denied credit on the basis of gender.

    Disabled women: Equal access to education, training, employment and child custody rights.

    Education: More women in leadership positions and in textbooks. Title IX must be enforced.

    Elective and appointive office: More representation of women.

    Employment: More job opportunities and less discrimination.

    Equal Rights Amendment: The ERA must be ratified.

    Health: Health insurance benefits must include family planning and other concerns relevant to women.

    Homemakers: Must be covered under Social Security and have greater economic security, especially in the event of divorce or the death of a spouse.

    Insurance: Eliminate practices that deny women coverage on the basis of gender.

    International affairs: Increase the number of women in the departments of state and defense, aid women in developing nations and promote nuclear disarmament.

    Media: More women in media jobs, especially in leadership positions.

    Minority women: Eliminate discrimination, support affirmative action, guarantee tribal rights and prevent deportation of mothers of American-born children.

    Offenders: Improve health services and educational and vocational training.

    Older women: Help older women live with dignity.

    Rape: Expand the definition of rape to include married men who abuse their wives and reduce legal burdens on victims.

    Reproductive freedom: Support Roe v. Wade, promote family planning and allow Medicaid payments for abortion.

    Rural women: Create a federal rural education policy and expand ownership rights for farm wives.

    Sexual preference: Implement legislation to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sexual preference and repeal state laws restricting private sexual behavior between consenting adults.

    Statistics: Federal agencies should collect and analyze data in ways that assess the impact on women.

    Women, welfare and poverty: Improve social security and retirement systems, raise minimum wage, provide child care and focus on welfare and poverty as major women’s issues.

    Continuing committee of the conference: Create a committee to follow up on recommendations and take steps to convene a Second National Women’s Conference.

  86. XplicitzZ says:

    I had signed up for this a long time ago, and RSVP-ed to a lunch they were going to have.

    It was a simple research poster presentation conference for women in science. It was for beginners and advanced researchers alike, nothing too official.

    I am sick, so I called their office, but obviously, they’re all at the conference. I left a message.

    Do you think it’s alright that I didn’t go? I didn’t want to get others sick, and I wouldn’t have been able to give my best presentation. Plus, the money isn’t that much, but I was hoping to make contacts. You don’t think the judges there would remember that I didn’t attend, would they?
    Even then, it’ll be alright, because if I want to research, I can make plenty of other contacts and once my research is well established, I’ll have more and more contacts.

    I’m just trying to convince myself I did the right thing by not going. What do you think?

    If you don’t want to answer this, just tell me your favorite animal. At least you get the 2 points.

    Also, they were going to have 3 judges judge you based on the presentation, and then award the top 3 with money prizes.

  87. mike s says:

    Besides Georgia, every other team they will be playing this season except TCU will already have 3 losses. They are also playing 5 teams I believe with a losing record (New Mexico is 0-9)

  88. toast says:

    me and my girlfriend got into a huge fight because i went to a party and there were some drunk girls there (nothing happend) but i text my buddy who just happens to be her brother, that the party was fucking awesome, hot chicks blah blah blah. but i texted her a completely different story. she found the other text and now shes really pissed. i think i may have made it worse by apologizing a billion times and not giving her the space to cool down.

  89. evil chevy says:

    I completely consent

  90. kiltakblog says:

    A non hostile relationship with the grassroots of the Islamic world is vastly more beneficial to America’s national security interests than friendly relationships with regimes that are useful in the short term for their complacence but that are doomed by their autocratic domestic behavior”. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, why yes? If not, why not?

  91. Mackenzie P says:

    Oh, I saw it too, wery nice indeed.

  92. Sriram R says:

    great article, i really really like this internet internet site, keep on it

  93. PoohBearPenguin says:

    Hey so I like this girl from my school (I’m 16 and she’s 14) and I’m in Grade 12 and she’s in Grade 10.

    I’ve known her for about 3/4 of a year now and we met through a mutual friend. She’s a pretty and extremely smart girl and has an awesome personality :)

    The thing is, we have a different lunch period and she lives about 15 minutes away by car. We do have many common interests and the only time I ever get to see her is at the school Drama Club.

    Everytime I try to talk to her tho, her friend interrupts and i’m kinda intimidated to talk to her. Heck, I haven’t even said hi to her in a while because of that :P

    Should I try getting a girl friend to talk to her and then I join into the conversation naturally? Her friend at that point would’ve most likely eased up and would be less willing to intimidate me into talking to the girl I like.
    With all the above complications: How can I ask her out on a date? And FYI…I have talked to her before and hung out once.

    BQ1: Sometimes when I text her, she doesn’t text back but other times when i text, she does reply. The mutual friend told me to not dwelve in too much on the whole texting issue. Would it be bad/Clingy if I text her again without waiting for her to text back?

    BQ2 : How can I ensure her that dating will not drop her grades? Because that’s one of her main concerns.

    BQ3: If I do ask her to a movie, should it be Looper, Taken 2, or that new horror movie?

    BQ4: She’s White and I’m Asian (although people have said that I look like either Joseph Gordon-Levitt, half-asian Tom Cruise, or teenaged shaven Keanu Reeves)…Will this be an issue?

  94. Christopher J says:

    Okay, just like the title^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    I met my cousin for the first time in 2010-summer…I had a crush on him since I saw him, but I didn’t even know he was my cousin till like night time, when he was in my house! I was like WTF and I freaked out!any ways, it started out with a crush, but last year(2011), I saw him again for Christmas, and I stayed in this house with him and a lot of other family members and i fell DEEPLY in love with him! We are SUPER close and have a Beautiful relationship and I was ALWAYS LITERALLY AROUND HIM TH WHOLE TIME WE WERE THERE! we would hang with each other and tell each other everything. I touched his abs too!-HE OFFERED! Im not sure if he was flirting with me or growing to love me like i was…I would do everything for him-only cause’ I love him-I was massaging his knee and he said “You’d make an awesome girlfriend someday” and I blushed and smiled(: We were always joking around and playing video games together the whole week we stayed there. M y cousin knows I love him and thinks it’s “Aww” and “Eww” at the same time. I carved his initials into my skin and I think he knew about it,too. He knows I cut myself and I think he saw the initials… we stare at each other and we always catch each other looking at each other. He saw me staring at his penis bulge through his shorts, and I saw him staring at my boobs..BUT GUESS WHAT!!??? I’m 14 and he’s 19 years old! he lives in San Antonio and I live in harlingen, and I only visit every Christmas and summer!!! I can’t wait to see him again<3 I cried when we separated, when Christmas was over:'( I dream about him,too(: I think my brother knows I like him because he saw the initial on my hand one time, but didn't say anything. I think my dad knows too because he noticed how me and him were always together and he doesn't like him at all! he would always separate us and I would get so mad and pissed off when he would do that but I didn't care! I still went to him! IM DEEPLY IN LOVE WITH HIM! PLZ TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO AND TELL ME IF YOU THINK HE'S FEELING HOW I DO TOO, PLEASE NO RUDE COMMENTS! I LOVE HIM AND I DON'T CARE IF HE'S MY COUSIN!

  95. everydayGuitarist says:

    Hey so I like this girl from my school (I’m 16 and she’s 14) and I’m in Grade 12 and she’s in Grade 10.

    I’ve known her for about 3/4 of a year now and we met through a mutual friend. She’s a pretty and extremely smart girl and has an awesome personality :)

    The thing is, we have a different lunch period and she lives about 15 minutes away by car. We do have many common interests and the only time I ever get to see her is at the school Drama Club.

    Everytime I try to talk to her tho, her friend interrupts and i’m kinda intimidated to talk to her. Heck, I haven’t even said hi to her in a while because of that :P

    Should I try getting a girl friend to talk to her and then I join into the conversation naturally? Her friend at that point would’ve most likely eased up and would be less willing to intimidate me into talking to the girl I like
    With all the above complications: How can I ask her out on a date? And FYI…I have talked to her before and hung out once.

    BQ1: Sometimes when I text her, she doesn’t text back but other times when i text, she does reply. The mutual friend told me to not dwelve in too much on the whole texting issue. Would it be bad/Clingy if I text her again without waiting for her to text back?

    BQ2 : How can I ensure her that dating will not drop her grades? Because that’s one of her main concerns.

    BQ3: If I do ask her to a movie, should it be Looper, Taken 2, or that new horror movie?

    BQ4: She’s White and I’m Asian (although people have said that I look like either Joseph Gordon-Levitt, half-asian Tom Cruise, or teenaged shaven Keanu Reeves)…Will this be an issue?

  96. ouch says:

    my friend had a lot of trouble with women most of his life, and I always told him if he was a perfect gentleman and was really nice and sweet he’d find an awesome girlfriend and would be happy. He kept at it, but i guess has bad luck….he never really found a relationship.

    his stupid friends decided to step in and try to help him…..and hes been LISTENING to them!!!! he’s getting dates now and is excited that hell finally have sex for a change (some girl gave him head at a club….) but hes acting like a total jerk to women and being a game artist, he even did it the other night and I was so mad at him, but he didn’t even care!!!!. the girl wasn’t even good she just wanted to have some gross one night stand with him i think. he’s getting women but the wrong way……….

    how can I get him to be nice and a sweetie again??? it was so cute……

  97. Big Banger says:

    Okay, don’t gimme that be yourself crap cuz dat never works, it made me look like a freakin idiot. So how do I get a girlfriend? I’m super shy, I have the young Justin bieber haircut, I’m pretty short, and I’m Asian and all the girls in my school are cute and American while I’m the only Asian there. And all my friends have girlfriends and I’m still single. Just please, how do I get a gf. I don’t even have any friends who are girls. there are a lot of awesome stuff about me, but no girl notices that, so can any guys or girls give me tips on how to get a girlfriend? Spare the jokes. And I’m also 13, don’t say I’m too young

  98. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    I got an internship in Brussels for 3 months, so I didnt see my girlfriend all this time but we talk everyday.

    Am wondering what are great things would my girlfriend want ? What should I bring her?
    Any ideas?

  99. Harriet W says:

    Show work.

  100. Anny says:

    I am 14 and have never had a girlfriend but been asked out twice. I don’t want to trash my grades, so how can I get my first girlfriend without killing ALL my spare time and grades?

  101. ibjammin44 says:

    been together for 2 months now and in this time there have been only a handful of days when we haven’t had sex at least 2x a day. We cant keep our hands off each other. We have a history and a child together and have decided to give it another shot, so the relationship isn’t exactly brand new. I haven’t had many relationships so that’s why I ask, at what point does the sex taper off. Is it a bad thing? If this happens do other parts of the relationship deepen?

  102. liza says:

    I am a lesbian, and I really want a girlfriend. I am tired of being single. The only girl I like is bisexual, but in a straight relationship that is rocky, that I think and hope will end soon, because he is horrible as a person. I am in 9th gade if that changes anything.

  103. ConfusionnaJob says:

    Last time i took my girlfriend to BRAVOS and the food was great and had a good price. And tomorrow it is our 11 month anniversary and i want to make a fun little date and take her out to eat but i dont know any good restaurants. I need help guys. Please

  104. Mackenzie P says:

    she’s awesome. i think shes super cool, and shes cute for someone who only wears a little eyeliner and cover-up. but is there anyway i can get her to try to be more feminine and pretty, like a little more makeup and to go read a fashion magazine cause her fashion sense sucks worse than mine. i want to tell her gently cause she gets pissed on these kinds of subj.

  105. JOHN KAISER PHD says:

    I’m not sure what to get for my girlfriend for our high school graduation.
    We’re off to different colleges next year but i want her to remember us with maybe a piece of jewelry or something, but i’m not sure. I don’t want it to be too serious, but at the same time i want it to show meaning. Maybe like an engraved piece of jewelry or something? Any ideas anyone?

  106. nyyankees1123 says:

    I am 22 and i’ve never had any girlfriend because i am too shy and my self-confidence is low.To be honest,i am a bit shy to start talking to them.Any suggestions?

  107. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    I have an awesome girlfriend, so I am not complaining about her, but I wanted help because she is constantly losing or forgetting her phone or keys or being locked out and she says she just has too many things going on to remember everything. Is this a valid excuse or do you think its ok to get a little frustrated due to her constant irresponsibility in remembering such important things. What are your thoughts, feedback is appreciated.

  108. Daniel says:

    i am goin out with my most awesome girlfriend ever but she lives like two hours away from me and i only see her like evqery 1 or 2 months
    i was wondering if anyone has had a long distance relationships that has worked? please help!!!! xx

  109. Rishi says:

    Now please dont think im writing this to be spiteful or anything, but I love my Muslim girlfriend. She is so respectful and obedient and it makes me want to return the favor to her. I am a christian guy that lives in the US and all my life I’ve had Christian (and Jewish) girlfriends and none treat me this way.

    What is it that makes them this way I cant put my finger on it.

  110. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    So I’m 15 and 30 pounds overweight. I’m still attractive and have an awesome girlfriend, but I want to loose weight and sometime in the future build muscle in the chest and the arms and the legs and everywhere else really. Should I loose the weight and then build muscle or should I convert the fat into muscle. I don’t want to look like a frekin body builder but some extra muscle, above average would be nice.

  111. crzyinluv says:

    Ok so I just got a boyfriend. My last boyfriend dumped me cause I didn’t act enough like a girlfriend should. So anyway so can I be a awesome girlfriend. Oh and I’m 13 and in 8th grade and so is he.

  112. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I’m a guy and I have no trouble cumming when I masturbate, but when it comes to sex reaching an orgasm is pretty much impossible. I’ve recently gotten back in the dating world and now have an awesome girlfriend. We had sex for the first time together and I couldn’t reach that point. Could it be that the lack of sex in over a year be my problem? Will the build up of not cumming finally end and it just happens? I’m definitely attracted to her and she really turns me on.

  113. XplicitzZ says:

    I want to buy my girlfriend a massage as a gift at a fancy spa place in my area of Columbus. I was thinking the Swedish massage. Good idea or should I steer away from the Swedish? Any other types of massages/body treatments I could look into for her? She has a lot on her plate with classes and such so I want to get her something that will relax her and such.


  114. Eric says:

    My girlfriend and I broke up a month ago, I loved her very much and she meant the world to me. I still can’t get her out of her my head she’s like all I think about… I just want to forget her and move on.

  115. JDOGG1122 says:

    * I Do Not ant To Hear From Anti-Marijuana Preachers. I heard it all before.

    I am 30 and doing good. No Kids, Not Married, Good Job, Awesome Girlfriend, and finishing up my biology degree in six months. Most of my friends my age seem to have put up the bongs for beer. But I like pot, I try taking liquor shots with my friends and alchohol feels like rat poison to me. Weed doesn’t make me feel sick plus I like the way I can turn on some music and go on a mental journey for a few hours. I just want to hear from normal users or ex-users, does 30 seem a little old to be smoking? As much as I like it, I feel that I could possibly getting a little old to smoke.

  116. supernerd567 says:

    What are some awesome gift ideas for my girlfriend of 6 months? I already got her some lingerie, but need to get her something that she can tell her parents about :) Any and all ideas are helpful. Thank you very much!

  117. Chester says:

    My boyfriend and I are having our one year anniversary soon and i want to make him a t shirt. On the front i want to say i <3 my awesome girlfriend but i dont know what to put on the back. I play alot of sports so i was thinking either putting rachel's number 1 fan or something cute and funny. Please send some ideas!

  118. happyha31 says:

    I hate not having a girl friend that loves to play video games. It would be so awesome to have a girlfriend that is pro at gaming.

  119. sakyue1993 says:

    so i started dating this girl. i really like her, but my friends keep saying i can’t get a girl! i have a girlfriend! in my opinion, she’s beautiful. she has perfect bone structure and her chocolate brown hair falls perfectly and she has these amazing eyes. she’s super hilarious and she always seems to make me smile. and she’s so nice. she has an amazing singing voice and shes pretty good at sports and she’s always encouraging me and supporting me. i just dont get it. if i can get an awesome girlfriend, why do my friends still not respect me? it’s stupid.

  120. hank baseballs says:

    Ok I have this AWESOME girlfriend who is what lots of people call “Goth/Emo”. I think that’s a pretty gay label but anyway she was like “I want to hurt you.”
    What the hell does that?!
    If she wants to hurt me physically well than… hell yah! Bring it on, I’m bringing a belt to school tomorrow so she can lol.

    So I’m pretty sure she wants to hurt me physically but what does this mean psychologically?

  121. Hannah says:

    I’ve just found out that I might have mono. I started getting sore lymph nodes about a week ago (Monday or so), and the rest of the awful symptoms started visiting me on Thursday. People have told me horrible things about the communicability of this disease. Like I won’t be able to kiss anyone for months. Is that true? If not, what is? I’m terrified because I have an awesome girlfriend who I love, and I had an amazing Valentine’s Day planned for us, and this could very well wreck the whole thing.

  122. Sriram R says:

    I want to know, so I can be the opposite of every annoying stereotype that women have. I want to be an awesome girlfriend/wife someday :)

  123. sakyue1993 says:

    My girlfriend eats A LOT and i mean A LOT, more than I do. And she’s not fat, but i can tell she has gained some weight in the past few months. And I know that if she continues eating the way she does, she’ll be huge. I want to help her stop gaining weight, but i don’t want to make her extremely angry either. Help
    And no, it’s not because I care more about her body than her personality. It’s because I want her to be healthy

  124. Thomas A says:

    Firstly, I’ll say that I’m only 14. Secondly, I’ve been going out with my current (and first) girlfriend for almost 8 months… And haven’t done anything more then hold hands. I’d like to be able to kiss her, but I can never summon the courage. Any tips?

  125. Rassling Fundamentals says:

    Things for girlfriends to do,
    How to act,
    Things to say,

    GUYS; How would you want your girlfriend to act?

    And do guys really want a girl to make a sandwich for them, lol?

  126. Dark_LovexXx says:

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years. I’m very possessive of him. I get SO jealous of other girls, even though he NEVER talks to them. I think it’s getting worse. I overanalyze his past relationships. Even if he hangs out with his guy friends I get jealous. I know this is very unhealthy. Many of my friendships faded away. Many are busy with their own lives now and he’s like the only close person I have in my life. Plus I would rather hang out with him than them. It’s like I want all of his attention. I know it’s wrong, in general I’m a really nice person, but to him I can be so selfish. He always hangs out with me instead of his guy friends, and he’s very sweet. Once we started dating, all of my friendships started fading away. I want to change, but I don’t even know where to begin. I want to be an “awesome” girlfriend. We’re both juniors in college, and all I truly want for the both of us is to be happy. Because of jealousy, our relationship isn’t as strong as it used to be.

  127. mrankinmatt says:

    We are in senior year, and have been together for two awesome years now (or almost). Last year I got her an amethyst necklace, which she liked but she does not wear jewelery often so I’m leaning towards something different this year. One idea is a day at the spa, but I am open to suggestions. Any ideas?

  128. Paul M says:

    so I have an awesome girlfriend taylor. a few weeks ago I broke the touch barrier by holding her hand after she said it was cold. ever since we are holding hands/hugging a bunch. I have never kissed anyone and want to kiss her, but I can’t work up the Nerve. I know she wants me to, but I can’t. how so I work up the nerve? what does it feel like? what should I say? how should I set the scene?

  129. everydayGuitarist says:

    I want to be the PERFECT girlfriend pals help me:)

  130. SteveO says:

    I have a new record courtesy of my very awesome girlfriend; a red tour-edition vinyl of Rage Against The Machine’s eponymous album. It has two LP’s in it, with one being the album itself, and the other being assorted live performances and demos.

    So I was just wondering how many copies were made? I know it’s not too common, but my curiosity has been piqued. Even if there are 500 x 10^5 copies, I still think it’s mega awesome.


  131. Roflcopter says:

    I ended it with with my girlfriend a few months ago, but now i can see that i made a mistake and want her back. But she is always flirting with other guys and it’s really making me doubt that i have any chance.

  132. Mc L says:

    OK so i was upstairs getting my boyfriend some clothes cuz he was jumping in the shower downstairs. & me being the awesome girlfriend that i am, decided to get him some clothes to wear. Before i came down the stairs i was thinking of saying something to my boyfriend but when i least expected it he was on the bottom of the staircase saying what?…he heard me in some crazy way lol pls tell me if this has ever happened to anyone else.

  133. The Inc says:

    I got my girlfriend a used toilet seat for Christmas
    and now she will not talk to me anymore.
    What should I do?

  134. dealy says:

    Me and my girlfriend love to play little big planet on my PS3. We both get mad but we have fun and get along. We also play pranks on eachother all the time.

  135. Jon P says:

    Hey so my girlfriend and I are 19 years old and we are looking for somewhere to work together away from home during the summer (away from our home). Anyone know what we could do?

  136. Rishabh Bajpai says:

    I am getting my girlfriend a digital camera for her birthday. I don’t know a thing about them, and all of those websites with guides on which one to buy confuse me. I am searching for suggestions on specific models that would fit her fine, you know, a good social camera that won’t break the bank.

  137. Blake says:

    He is having problems at work and at home. How can I be a awesome girlfriend and help him?

  138. Brendan O says:

    i’m saving up to buy a gift for my awesome girlfriend. i’ll probably have about $25 or $30 by christmas. what should i get her? she’s sort of an emo girl. her interests are playing guitar, listening to music, making things like necklaces and bracelets, and stuff like that. she’s very artistic. so, any ideas? any help would be appreciated. thanks.

  139. balinderk2000 says:

    I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend at our 2 year anniversary this winter. I would also like a ring to wear to show other people that I’ve found the one and only girl for me but she doesn’t have the money to be spending on things like that for me. Is there anything wrong with buying myself a ring to show her and wear when I present hers to her?

  140. Jairo says:

    I want to make something really awesome for my girlfriend! Any ideas? I want something not that big but very amazing!

  141. jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I recently found out that my girlfriend cheated on me with her ex boyfriend and led me to believe it was a rape. She broke up with me and decided to go back to being single. When we broke up, I immediately started thing about another ex I had and about how much I wanted her back. I realized I made a mistake when I left her for this other girl and I want to know how I can get her back.

  142. jordenkotor says:

    I need some gift ideas for my girlfriend. I already have a few but I want to get her something special and sentimental. We’ve been together almost 2 years. Any ideas ladies?

  143. dubmecrazy3 says:

    A husband and his lover were cohabiting as husband and wife unknown to his real wife.He lied and said he was staying in a one room flat.They appeared to be going to a lot of christian conferences together.Would any their prayers be answered?

  144. Keaton says:

    Hey (: Well, I’m part of this really cool forum/roleplay site where you can post topics and stories. It’s mainly for 12-16 year old girls. I have about a dozen really awesome girlfriends there and I wanted to write a story including them all. We’re all obsessed with the band Muse. The forum club is called TC. I’m trying to think of a great story and title including all my friends, but I can’t think of a plot. I was wondering if I someone could help?

  145. andresumoza says:

    Basically, I’m beginning to feel really down lately and I have no real reason to be. I have an awesome girlfriend who I think the world of, and In that sense I couldn’t be happier. Although, I can’t help but get down about the silliest things, for example -

    I always kiss her and hug her, but she never tries to hug me first.
    I always do a lot for her, get her drinks and make her food and stuff, but she never does anything for me without being asked and even then its a huge effort.

    I don’t know if its just me, but I feel sometimes that it really wouldn’t make a difference if I was with her or not, she doesn’t seem to be that affectionate at all and I really want to change that.

    How can I ask her to be more affectionate without offending or pissing her off?

    I know I probably sound like such an idiot, but things like this really get to me cause I don’t let them out and then they build and build until I feel really rubbish about myself.

    Please only serious answers, feeling really sad at the moment. Thanks in advance.


  146. Gamer959 says:

    Christmas is coming and I don’t know what to get my girlfriend. I was thinking about some jewelries. I do have $300 right now, and I plan that I can use about 150-250 and the rest for maybe some savings when we go out.

  147. XplicitzZ says:

    i’m white (if you didn’t notice) and have an awesome black girlfriend….You should see the freaking stares we get when out. I walk proud with her and she does me….and a lot of the stares are from younger poeple…What gives? and why can’t you get OVER IT?

  148. Milk84 says:

    And just for the record, this is not feffering to me. I have an awesome girlfriends i have been seeing for about 3 weeks. i know not a long time but anyways to the main point, i think one of my best girl friends gets hypnotized with a guys face and doesn’t see anything else.

    what else is important to you girls?

  149. Jeanelle the Retard says:

    Hey Im 15 and I have an awesome girlfriend..but when she hangs up on me I feel scared,like nothing matters except talking to her again I shake and I get the urge to cry but I dont actually cry.Does anyone know what might be happening when she hangs up on me?It only happens with her,your answer is apreciated.

  150. Agent 47 says:

    Me and my girlfriend are both 5’6. But she is going to wear 4 inch heels to the prom. She already wore them to show me and they make her a lot taller than me. It makes me feel uncomfortable because i feel short. How do i tell her i dont want her to wear heels to the dance?

  151. Cliffy N says:

    My parents do, because they are awesome and they trust me. They know i’m a virgin, and they trust that if i have questions about sex or i need help i will talk to them.

    It’s awesome. :)
    I am 13, and my boyfriend is 15 btw.

    What about you guys?

  152. Chris R says:

    Would like to start out by saying Wii Fit is awesome, my girlfriend bought it for me for my birthday last week, we’ve played it every night since and I’ve already lost 2 pounds.

    Anyway, if anyone has gotten 4 stars in Hula Hoop, what’s your method? Any tips? My highest score so far is only 275. Thanks.

  153. isk8at818 says:

    I have just started going out with this awesome girl, she is very nice, both in personality and looks. The only thing I wish I could ask, is that she wax , or by any other method, remove her forearm hair. Its not peach fuzz or anything,i’m talking like proper forearm hair.. she takes care of the hair on her legs and other places on her bodice, but not the forearm. i find it a bit of a turn off…I dunno how to approach her without coming off as insulting. I was thinking as a present buying her a free booking at the local saloon and spa, but it seems like a bit obvious without a special event that follows… like an anniversary… any other suggestions?
    one thing for all the people who seem to think that i am being shallow, I will continue going out with this girl regardless- i’m talking about the best way to ask her a question not if i want to continue going out with her – i do- why else would i bother to try and find a way that doesn’t insult her? if she doesn’t want to make that small change.. thats ok with me- thats just her preference- but if i don’t ask how will i know?

    And to people saying i should try it and then consider the question; i do take care of the hair on my body regularily, despite the irritation

  154. Eric says:

    I love my girlfriend, but I want to switch up the routine of cozying up. We usually watch a movie, or just lay there and kiss, cuddle, etc.. Don’t say sex, we’re both waiting for marriage. Thanks ahead of time!

  155. Hannah says:

    Im 14 and i have an awesome girlfriend. the problem is there is a rumor going around that i smoke pot and drink (both of which i have never done). And because of this rumor her mom doesn’t want her to see me. help?

  156. shahrukh says:

    My girlfriend is turning 13 and I need gift ideas. I’ve already gave her a necklace, a bracelet, and a picture of us in a frame. Help!

  157. Agent 47 says:

    I had to leave college for a week to house sit and my girlfriend is feeling very depressed and misses me alot. We are 4 hours away and this is the time she needs me the most because of personal reasons she has. We talk on the phone and text but it doesnt really seem to cheer her up. Any suggestions on what i can do to make her happy?

  158. Keegan says:

    How can I be an awesome girlfriend? I want to be the best I possibly can be. Guys: What are your TOP traits you love in a girl (besides sex). Ladies: What have you learnt from experience that makes your guy happy?

  159. blarg blarg says:

    I am a freshman in high school, I run track, cross country and i wrestle. I’m varsity in all three sports. I have an awesome girlfriend and good friends, the thing is i really don’t like myself. I know i should, and everyone who i talk to about it just says that i should like myself. I mean if anyone can help me out please do.

  160. Echo says:

    This morning I was lying on the couch tired and with a headache not feeling that well. My girlfriend went to the closet and brought me a big warm comfy blue blanket and covered me.

  161. MAK & CHEESE says:

    I am 16 and already have my licence and i have just found this awesome new girlfriend but she live an hour and a half away. She wont be be able to drive for at least another year. The summer is almost over so i cant visit her on regular school days because of the distance. I am just wondering is there anyway this could work if we just saw each other on weekends?

  162. Picean says:

    Where could you find one cause I was just thinking in my head that that would be an awesome wife or girlfriend to have. I play guitar and bass, I think it would be nice to have someone accompany you with that. Kind of like the White Stripes I guess, but maybe a little more generic.

  163. xiM Clutch says:

    I want to kiss my new girlfriend but i dont want mono. If she doesnt have mono can i still get it from kissing her?

  164. lildevilgurl152004 says:

    Since Mark Sanford, David Vitter and Senator John Ensign are all busy, will they have Carrie come back for an encore performance? I hear she does a great one woman performance.

  165. Jon P says:

    I am a consultant and I am having a hard time finding women who want to learn how to take care of their skin. Even if they do not use the product, I would think most people women and men would want a FREE opportunity to learn how to take care of their skin.

  166. ibjammin44 says:

    I am going to a conference tomorrow and the dress code is business casual…

  167. John G says:

    I’m a woman and I’m doing a research paper for my project, please help me with some real details and facts? I know what would make me want equal rights but I can’t find anything on what THEY wanted.

  168. The Beatles says:

    I’ve been searching the internet to try to find the best site or information on what government grants are right for me and the best way to recieve them. I recently went to a NGC (National Grants Conference) and I wasn’t comfortable giving them a thousand dollars just to give me information on how to get a government grant. I know this is not an easy process, but I just want to know what would be the best way for me to find a grant that would be right for me and the best way to get that grant for a first time home buyer? Any suggestions would be great, thank you.

  169. everydayGuitarist says:

    Of the two original women that accused Cain, one steps forward and it is found out that she is a habitual accuser.

    Does this now shed any light onto the fact that this entire mess has been a set up? Could the libs and Cain haters now agree that Cain is telling the truth?

  170. Heath says:

    I need it for my MUN Conference, so please don’t take improved countries as an example, take it as one of the goals of UN for 2015.

  171. ConfusionnaJob says:

    For example, criminal laws that are andro-centric which in turn do not protect women.

    This is a hard question I know, but I can only think of protesting.

  172. The Inc says:

    Why do intelligent women go quiet and not contribute to a male dominated conversation? Even when they are more qualified and more capable of answering knowledgeably than the men taking part?

    At a recent conference I noticed this a lot. In some of the groups, some of the most experienced, most intelligent, most professionally qualified women did not contribute at all when the conversation was dominated by men.

    So why?

  173. Malcolm Hudson says:

    Because i am going on a lead america conference and they require you to bring both, whats that differance and how can you tell?

  174. Brian says:

    I’m in MUN conference this weekend and I need to know about what France or the EU plan to do about this

  175. LN13 says:

    Will be selected to attend a national conference on insurance fraud.

    In how many ways can a team of 6 be selected?

  176. Ryan Dunn says:

    I need information for a research project about women’s rights and the connection to Kate Chopin’s The Awakening. Any websites that u know of or info dat u have would be greatly aprreciated. Thank you!

  177. stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    This year the Missouri Valley Conference is holding the women’s basketball at neutral site (St. Charles, MO) for the first time in its existence. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Also, what features of a tournament do you find most exciting and would like to see continued/or seen at the MVC?

  178. SteveO says:

    Also how do they view men-women relationship?

  179. Phillip123 says:

    My mom watched Joyce Meyer all of the time,I don’t watch that much Joyce Meyer like I used to,but the conference I am listening to right now is called
    Slamming The Door In Satan’s Face and I learned a lot about Satan,I already know that he can send me messages in my nightmares.
    go to my 360 blog and read about my 2 demonic nightmares.

  180. Tyler H says:

    I think I will chose to not get the shot, and just stay away from very public places. I read they haven’t had any time to test it on the human population, just on animals. And we all know pregnant women react differently to things. I am worried that it will effect my baby in a negative way. It’s not like that hasn’t happened in the past. What do you all think about the shot?

  181. evil chevy says:

    I’ve always heard that it’s difficult for women to become pilots. Is this true? What do I need to do to prepare myself and what kind of education do I need to get?

  182. lets roll says:

    A woman who is HIV positive but she wants to have a kid. I have understood if the procedures are executed correctly, it is possible for the kid to be virus-free with a very high certainty. Can she ask to be artificially inseminated?

  183. balinderk2000 says:

    In other religions which used to have male only clergy, we now have women in that role — ministers, rabbis, etc.
    There has been discussion by some about changing the all male priesthood in the Catholic Church.

    Are there any such women activists in the Mormon church?

    I am not looking for any justifications for why it is the way it is, just facts at to whether anyone is challenging it.

  184. Nathan B says:

    I really need help bringing the knowledge I have all together, I need to be clear about the Suffragists, ‘gettes, the war effort and all of the key players, and the other little organisations! Also, I need to know about the Reform acts of that time? And the conciliation bill, the ROPA and the Speakers Conference!

  185. Peter says:

    The trip consisted of educating people about the HIV virus, a day of activities for underpriviledge children, & a womens conference ( speaking to women about health issues and HIV).
    The trip was in Roatan, Honduras.

  186. Vultre9 says:

    She helps teach Sunday school and you’ve heard she does a “beautiful job”. Well, anyway, you were at a church conference one day talking about social justice issues. She was sitting in one of the rooms by herself and not going to the fellowship afterwards. You asked her why she was refusing to come and join the crowd and that if she was upset, she should just say so. She started crying and her body was actually shaking.

  187. Dr Hank says:

    She helps teach Sunday school and you’ve heard she does a “beautiful job”. Well, anyway, you were at a church conference one day talking about social justice issues. She was sitting in one of the rooms by herself and not going to the fellowship afterwards. You asked her why she was refusing to come and join the crowd and that if she was upset, she should just say so. She started crying and her body was actually shaking.

  188. timq3dimensionscom says:

    If women are happy being themselves maintaining their morale values and character simultaneously flourishing in their career prospects then is it necessary that she has to even consider marraige inorder to be a complete woman.??? Cant she live with out being married if she is happy having adopted orphan kids and caring them without being a slave to the tantrums of a hell husband?? ( forgive me and give me a sincere answer i might sound like a misogamist..cant help though)

  189. MAK & CHEESE says:

    i have the conference scheduled tomorrow what should I bring with me?

  190. andresumoza says:

    Why is it that females are not shy when it comes to texting things, yet when it comes to talking- they are coy?
    Another question i have is why cant women communicate tactfully and directly, yet with an air of respect, unless they are at a point of “not caring” then they have TOTALLY NO respect in what or how they say things?
    i have safeguards in these communication matters- yet this is a view point i always wanted a woman’s view on?

  191. Michael C says:

    So my girlfriend has been telling me that she’s been seeing a lot of signs lately showing that she is going to go through her period soon. What can I say to comfort her and make her feel better about the whole thing?

  192. timq3dimensionscom says:

    Do 4 flags outweigh the words of the 4 women who’ve come forward so far?
    Oops. They zoomed out a little. 5 flags.

  193. RichT says:

    Well i got picked to go to Washington D.C for the National Young Leaders Conference but it cost about 2,000 dollars but i cant figure out how i can get businesses to sponsor me i need your guys help!!!!!

  194. arronwrath says:

    i need to know how women are fighting all these prejudices held against them in our society today. if before there were these suffragettes and stuff, how are we dealing with it NOW?

  195. Rishi says:

    What could a woman do to be a good girlfriend to man? No answers relating to sex- I am just wondering about what other things you suggest.

  196. Anny says:

    She helps teach Sunday school and you’ve heard she does a “beautiful job”. Well, anyway, you were at a church conference one day talking about social justice issues. She was sitting in one of the rooms by herself and not going to the fellowship afterwards. You asked her why she was refusing to come and join the crowd and that if she was upset, she should just say so. She started crying and her body was actually shaking.

  197. thexbox360player says:

    I am writing a book and a 60 year old woman who lost her husband 4 years previously is in it. The deceased husband is a very important part so to make it believable i need to know what its like to be married to a fantastic man, i would love to have examples of romantic outings and stuff. I would greatly appreciate someones email because i would love to ask a few more questions about this. Thank you for your help.

  198. Tyler H says:

    Today, during President Obama’s speech on Healthcare Reform, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton both wore red suits. There were approximately 10-15 other women in the audience wearing red also. What is the significance of this?

  199. alberto s says:

    Hint: People often speak of irrelevant issues such as confidence, good speaker and brave. Yet, none of that is what saved the Akron conference and possibly the women’s movement in that era. There were many well spoken, confident, brave women involved in the women’s movement, including some right there in the room with her, but none of them could win the day. What was is about her that undermined the basic tenants of male superiority?

  200. SteveO says:

    Hi, my name is Yasirah. I have a deep interest in learning more about Gulf Arabian culture (Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc). My interest is more cultural than political/religious. Im not studying anthropology…but i would like to know what opportunities would i have available to me to meet the women of the culture and learn about their everyday lives whether it is formal or informally. I was thinking i may have an opportunity if a study or work there. Can anybody tell me what to expect and what my situation would be like? I would also like to know if there are currently any student exchange/cultural exchange problems. I really need your help. Thankyou so much!

  201. Arminator says:

    My paper has to be 20 pages in length and the topic can’t be too broad.. I like the idea of liberal women but if there’s something better that you can think of than that’s great as well!

  202. Peter says:

    I have looked through my local newspapers and searched on-line for conventions, expos, and other venues for women. I would like to have a booth for my business, but I’m having a difficult time finding such listings. Can anyone help?

  203. Salam says:

    Please help me :(

    I have to research Brazil for Model World Conference. I was wondering in addition to the question, can anyone explain Brazil political history as simple as possible.

  204. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    A bunch of black people talking about how the white man is racist, and how he is always racial profiling. Won’t these black congressmen/women ever quit riding the race bandwagon and actually have positive items to provide to this country rather than race baiting?

  205. Shay H says:

    Why is that us man always have to give the seat to woman, they never give any seat to us. It not that i don’t like giving my seat to other people. But a lot of people are saying why us (man) should give our seat to opposite sex, when they don’t even offer us a seat.

  206. Kristian says:

    I was wondering what society expects to see of her when she walks in a conference meeting or outside the white house. what colors on her looks right or what kind of suits should she wear to represent. We all have had men lead and we are familiar with what they wear but what about a lady?
    You can link pictures if you want or describe it:) Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.

  207. ericmreitz says:

    I need a business outfit for a series of conferences my school is putting on. I am 18. I’m thinking a skirt and either a blouse or a jacket. Any ideas on where I can find something? I don’t want to spend a ton of money. Also any links to anything you find would be awesome. Thanks!

  208. Lia-lu-li says:

    I’m from AZ, where it hardly gets cold during the winter season. However I will be traveling to NYC in January to attend a conference. Obviously the dress is business professional but what do you wear in NYC during the winter to stay warm? What types of coats and such? Thanks?
    Looking for what to wear outside where it’s freezing! And I’m a woman.

  209. Roar me R says:

    ..and women depend on men even fro their heavenly exaltation?

    So that without a Mormon husband in good standing, a Mormon woman has no hope of exaltation to the level of Goddess; nor a man become a God without a faithful Mormon wife. ( But, it their marriages are sealed in the temple ceremonies, women may continue to have spirit children throughout eternity )

    Is this what Mormons believe?

  210. lets roll says:

    I met this girl through a coworker of mine and she’s awesome. Definitely girlfriend material in my eyes. We’ve been talking for a little over a month and things are going great. When we first started talking, I wanted to be with her and I wanted a GF. But the last week I’ve changed. Now I don’t want to be in a relationship at the moment. I don’t know what caused this. I just want to be single for right now. The problem with this is that she really likes me. One of her friends says that she smiles when she gets my texts and talks about me all the time. Pretty much to some it up, she’s crazy about me. She texts me wink faces and kissy faces and I don’t reply with the same. My responses are short and to the point. I’m not ignoring her but I’m just trying to end the conversation. I know that’s not the mature thing to do but I don’t want to hurt her feelings. If I tell her I don’t want to be with her anymore she’ll hate me. I’m just confused on what to do. I’m honestly a nice guy looking for the best way to tell this girl that I just want to be friends. Any ideas?

  211. John G says:

    For Thespian Conference, my friend and I wanted to compete with a duet and we were wondering what would be a good duet for us to sing. I am an alto/belter, while she’s a soprano. It needs to be something we can learn fairly easily… Any suggestions?
    Please, nothing super popular like Wicked or Phantom. This is for a competition and these would hinder us…
    Musical theatre songs only, please.

  212. Sir fliesalot says:

    For some reason I think it’s an Ali one but I can’t remember who remember fighter was that came out of the crowd dress as a woman.

  213. simply complicated says:

    Should I cry or laugh, or watch Rihanna cry again in the feminist conference of women violence or watch Chris Brown flashes his dong again to go F yeah I’m the women smacker champ?

  214. Keegan says:

    This is for a company retreat. It has to be in a conference room (unfortunately), last no more than 30 minutes and involve 15-18 manager/executive types (most of them men in their 40s). The goal is to establish camaraderie and function as a cohesive team (to tackle problems in later part of the day). Any ideas? Thanks!

  215. Nick says:

    I have always had a desire to be totally dominated and humiliated by women especially in public.

  216. Xbox Gamer says:

    During the McCain press conference, a women asked him “How do we beat the B*tch?” And EVERYONE (men/women) laughed like it was normal and hilarious to call a woman a B*tch.

    If someone asked “How do we beat the N*gger”. What would happen if everyone laughed also??

  217. Hotshot t says:

    I could not find anything ‘political’ about a woman’s role in the war. Any help ideas, suggestions, or links to reliable websites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  218. Duke says:

    I’m doing a paper on Egyptian women’s rights during the Woman’s suffrage in America. Any help will be appreciated.

  219. baldy eire says:

    I was at a conference, and this woman was giving a speech. As she left the stage, she turned to the right side where I was. Our eyes met, and she suddenly glared at me, enough for me to shake. We had never met each other before.

    So did I do something wrong or was this woman looking for trouble?

  220. Roflcopter says:

    In the press conference when he announces his retirement, he said his children have made sacrifices for him to be one the most dominant Linebackers of all-time. What were they?

  221. Echo says:

    Does it have something to do with having a vagina? Did I miss the conference or something?
    Alice – Finally a person with a medical background! Thank you!

  222. Denali says:

    The poem was popular during the 4th World Conference on Women and Development that was held in Beijing, China in 1995.

  223. norrin_shadowwolf says:

    And why has not one woman ever been allowed to say opening or closing prayers?

  224. Tyler H says:

    What could I get my girlfriend for her 17th birthday and valentines day because they are both on the same day I’ve done got her clothes rings necklaces but I want to get her some thing different special and meaningful to her I have bout 150$ to work with so make it bout less than that

  225. Seth says:

    The book starts with a medical presentation where he (the sheikh), looks
    for nurses for his new hospital in his country. He used to be a surgeon but
    his duties forced him to stop. She attends the conference, but doesn’t plan
    on taking the job, as she already has a different offer. When the
    conference ends, they are leaving and there is a car crash, she and the
    sheikh help out, he convinces her to take the job. However, she ends up
    pregnant with him and he doesn’t believe it’s his, but still takes her back
    to the palace. His brother, who is the next in line, has problems getting
    his wife pregnant so he promises that the child will go the his brother
    once born. His father, the ruler, gets sick and ends up in hospital where
    he thanks her for agreeing to give up her child. She is devastated and gets
    one of the nurse from the clinic to help her escape back to usa. She gets
    on a plane where she suffers pains and once the plane lands she’s taken
    into hospital. Meanwhile the sheikh find out that she left and a call to
    the airline confirms she has suffered a miscarriage on the plane. He leaves
    to see her, waits for her in her apartment, when she’s released from the
    hospital. She ignores him for days, hiding in her bedroom. Finally when she
    talks to him, she explains how she’s still pregnant and it’s a girl. He
    finally believes the baby’s his and is glad that it’s not a boy ( the next
    heir). They fly back where she has the child, and the book ends with her
    helping her sister-in-law to deliver the heir.

  226. white man says:

    The book starts with a medical presentation where he (the sheikh), looks
    for nurses for his new hospital in his country. He used to be a surgeon but
    his duties forced him to stop. She attends the conference, but doesn’t plan
    on taking the job, as she already has a different offer. When the
    conference ends, they are leaving and there is a car crash, she and the
    sheikh help out, he convinces her to take the job. However, she ends up
    pregnant with him and he doesn’t believe it’s his, but still takes her back
    to the palace. His brother, who is the next in line, has problems getting
    his wife pregnant so he promises that the child will go the his brother
    once born. His father, the ruler, gets sick and ends up in hospital where
    he thanks her for agreeing to give up her child. She is devastated and gets
    one of the nurse from the clinic to help her escape back to usa. She gets
    on a plane where she suffers pains and once the plane lands she’s taken
    into hospital. Meanwhile the sheikh find out that she left and a call to
    the airline confirms she has suffered a miscarriage on the plane. He leaves
    to see her, waits for her in her apartment, when she’s released from the
    hospital. She ignores him for days, hiding in her bedroom. Finally when she
    talks to him, she explains how she’s still pregnant and it’s a girl. He
    finally believes the baby’s his and is glad that it’s not a boy ( the next
    heir). They fly back where she has the child, and the book ends with her
    helping her sister-in-law to deliver the heir.

  227. Johnky J says:

    So, since I can’t stream each episode of TBBT season by season, I haven’t seen all the episodes. The only times I’ve noticed Raj is able to speak to women is when he is intoxicated. But in an episode I watched recently (the one where Howard and Bernadette finally get married before Howard goes up into space), he seemed okay talking to women without the help from large amounts of alcohol. In what episode does he finally get over his fear (I’m assuming they had an episode dedicated to it)? Thanks in advance.

  228. TommyKay says:

    1.Do you see a connection between Renaissance values and the coming of the Protestant Reformation?

    2.How did the Catholic Church respond to Protestant competition?

    3.Did the Renaissance substantially impact the lives of European women?

    4.Discuss the impact new technology had on intellectual, political, military or religious movement.

    5. Compare and contrast art during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. What key differences or similarities do you see?

    6. Evaluate the leadership qualities of Elizabeth 1 of England. Was she an effective ruler? What kind of challenges did she face?

    7. What motivated European monarchs to support voyages to the “New World”?

    8.What are the major themes of the Renaissance?


  229. JDOGG1122 says:

    Okay me and my girlfriend have been dating for a year and 7 months. Were still in high school by the way. We don’t go to the same high school either. She plays varsity basketball and its her senior night which means its her last home game, her school plays mine! And its on Valentines day also. I want to do something very special for her, i was thinking to get her a promise ring she’s been dying for one. Im going to get her one but i want to add more things. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance (:

  230. crzyinluv says:

    So, my AWESOME girlfriend and I have decided to start a Star Wars action figure collection. She has several figures, and I have about 15. But I want to know what figures should DEFINITELY be in a collection. Combined, we have the majority of the main characters of the series (like, Luke, Anakin/Vader, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, etc.). So, what other figures do you suggest? Vehicle suggestions will also be appreciated. We only have one, and it is Anakin’s starfighter from Episode III. Thanks so much!!

  231. Erin says:

    I’m not concerned over this because I know that it does happen, but are women treated with no respect, and are they raped as much as people claim? I’m just asking because I posted a question on here about the recruiting process, and a poster tried to talk me out of my enlisting by using these examples. I just want an idea of what I should expect in the future.
    -. Thanks(:

  232. kamikami says:

    Do Christians deny that they committed terrorism in the past — the Crusades, the Inquisition, endless wars, racist imperialism, etc.? No, they don’t. But look at how Muslims regard their terrorist acts:


    WASHINGTON (RNS) American Muslim leaders said they stand against terrorism committed in the name of Islam, trying to distance themselves from the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings who were identified as Muslims with ties to Chechnya.

    As the manhunt intensified in and around Boston, Muslim leaders convened a press conference Friday (April 19) to denounce the attacks and to urge the media not to link their faith with violent extremism.
    They continue to present that “defense” even though:

    -Bing/Google search “civil wars in the world” and determine where they are being fought; then research each civil war and determine who is fighting in them. The results are startling: 90% of them involve one combatant-religion — Islam. Muslims extremists fight in civil wars against Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Shamans, Copts, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Christiana, animists and Confucians and all other non-Muslim entities. They fight in China, Russia, Bosnia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Israel, Pakistan, India, Indonesia-Ambon & Halmarhera, Côte d’Ivoire, Kashmir, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Kurdistan, Kirghizia, Nigeria, Philippines, Somalia, Turkey, Chechnya, Sudan, Yemen, Thailand, Uganda, Azerbaijan, Mali, Chad, Libya, Bangladesh and East Timor.

    -2011 FBI Annual Report on Terrorism,… page 11: Of 12,533 terrorist deaths 77 were committed by Neo-Nazi, fascist or white supremacists; Muslims committed 8,886.
    It will never end.

  233. lets roll says:

    For a biology experiment, students measured the effect of caffeine on the pulse (heartbeat/min) of healthy adult women, age 18 or older. They randomly selected 40 women to attend a 2 hr lecture and asked each participant to avoid caffeinated foods and beverages in the 24 hours before the lecture. On the day of the lecture, the women met at the same time in a conference room. The women listened to the first hour of the lecture. During a 15 min. break, the students measured and recorded each woman’s pulse, and then they randomly selected 20 women to drink one 12 oz. cup of caffeinated soda. The remaining 20 women drank one 12 oz. cup of caffeine-free soda. At the end of the second hour of the lecture, the students measured and recorded the pulse of each woman again. The student’s results are presented in this table.

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